Grass Cutter | Preview

Grass Cutter is a game about mutating lawns, that requires a lightning-speed response and great logical thinking. Here every level is a challenging puzzle. The goal is to cut the grass. Very simple… At first glance… Grass Cutter calls for focus and commitment. Just one blink of an eye – and you lost. It is […]

Late Microtransactions

Some Triple AAA gaming companies recently have put in late microtransaction sales of loot boxes. What this means is that companies promise there will be no loot boxes or another kind of microtransaction when the game launches. The companies say not just at launch but not any loot boxes at all in the lifespan of the game. However, most […]

OVIVO | Review

OVIVO is coming to consoles July 3rd and we are excited about it. If you have not heard about this game, you are in for a treat.  Let us begin by introducing the people behind this multi-platform Indie Game. IZHARD From the team themselves: Our history has begun in November of the 2014th when three […]

Featured Content Creator | Direckt Gaming

Quick Facts Started making content: January 2019 Favorite game genre: Western RPGs. Favorite game: Mass Effect 2 Systems you play: Mostly Xbox, but also PS4 and Switch. Platforms you share content: YouTube | Twitter | 181GAMING Recommended Content Creators: Triple Jump, Vidiots, Special Moves, Jim Sterling, Dealer – Gaming, Laymen Gaming, WizFish. Age: 31 Location: […]

Bethesda E3 2019 Conference | ALG’s Thoughts

E3 2019 has come to an end. To say it has been interesting is quite the understatement. There has been a lot of opinions and criticisms surrounding the conferences, some I agree with and some I don’t really agree with. Today I’m going to go over my thoughts about Bethesda’s conference. The conversation surrounding this conference as well as E3, in general, has been interesting […]

Katana Zero | Quick-Fire Review

With its gorgeous and stylized pixel art, fast-paced and frantic, yet simple combat system and an absolutely stellar soundtrack filled with both synth-wave bangers and haunting piano pieces, Katana Zero from one-man development team Askiisoft is a brutal and beautiful 2D action platformer dripping with style and personality. It’s short, yet intriguing, the story captivates […]

Streamer Spotlight

Started streaming: March 2019 Favorite game genre: Kirsten – Action RPG’s Tyler –  plays a lot of different genres (Says that he doesn’t really have a favourite) Favorite game: Kirsten – Horizon Zero Dawn (Overwatch is definitely growing on me) Tyler’s – Farcry 3 (but if you’re looking for current it’s likely NHL19) Systems you […]

HAPPYGAME High-Back XL Gaming Chair | Budget Review

Review Disclaimer This article is not sponsored content. 181GAMING purchased this item with our own funds. No links provided within this article are affiliate links.  Back in the day, it was a Wednesday… So I had to finally bite the bullet, I needed to finally replace my computer chair. This is something I have put off for […]


We noticed Peanut one day in our Twitter feed and it grabbed our attention. The color palette and designed seemed very vibrant. So, we reached out to the developer to see what we could find out about this upcoming Indie release. Spikkee described their new platformer as… Peanut is a small cute corgi with an […]
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