Monster Hunter World’s Beautiful Grind

With many people having a lot of extra time on their hands these days, for various reasons, I’ve gotten asked quite regularly what I’ve been playing. I’ve played a few games over the last few months, including things like Final Fantasy VII: Remake. But there’s one game that I’ve largely used as my answer. One game that I’ve played for nearly 250 hours since April. One game that I was certain I’d get bored of far before now… One game that just keeps pulling me farther in… Monster Hunter World. Dont want to READ! Watch below! My first experience with Monster Hunter was with the original game, ten […]

Shantae and the Seven Sirens | Review

A Hard Act to Follow The Shantae series is always a good time. I’ve played the last two games to completion, and intend to do the very same with this one. My only question for a new Shantae game is never if it will be good, but rather if it will be as good as the one preceding it. And Shantae, ½Genie Hero was one of the best 2D Explorative Platformers I’ve ever played. And the one before it, Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse was ALSO one of the best Explorative Platformers (I hate the term Metroidvania) I’ve ever played.  Seven Sirens does have a lot more things to discover than Half Genie Hero, such as these hidden Statues. […]


As any gamer would know, pre-ordering a video game is a guaranteed way to make sure that you get it. This is also a good method to make sure that you get it slightly earlier than most other people would. Pre-ordering in recent times though has problems that many see as an issue. Let’s go over some of the benefits and flaws of preordering video games. THE START OF PRE-ORDERING To understand the current state of video games preordering, we need to understand how […]

An In-Depth Look at Streets of Rogue

It is a very Carefully Constructed kind of Chaos. Everyone compares Streets of Rogue to Deus Ex, and personally I think it more closely resembles a sort of Top-Down Bioshock. But I’ve not really seen anything blend genres like this before, and very rarely do games make environments so mechanically interwoven as this.  Which is […]

Final Fantasy VII and Time

Final Fantasy VII is a game about a lot of things. It tries to tackle a lot of subjects with its narrative and intends to push gameplay in a lot of directions. It was an attempt at reaching for the cinematic breadth of film, in a time where the closest we’d gotten was FMV games. […]

Broforce | Review

Guns, Biceps, Bullets. Non-Stop Action segments without those lame “Talky touchy-feely” sentimental moments that infest so many Motion Pictures. Broforce is a story about Bros. Equally in that sense of “Do you even Lift Bro?” as much as that American Action Movie “Band of Brothers” sense of Bro. You start off in a Choppa… […]

Architects of the West Kingdom | Review

A Blueprint for Success Architects of the West Kingdom is the first title in the West Kingdom trilogy, a follow up to Garphill Games previously released North Sea trilogy. Players take on the role of a noble Architect, tasked with constructing various buildings in a new land. Chief among these being the giant cathedral that will surely become the centerpiece of this burgeoning city. Using your large group of workers, players have to outwit and out-build their rivals to earn the king’s favor, even if that means having to make a few back-alley deals to get it done. Is Architects a work of beauty, or is it simply a house of cards? Let’s take a look! Building the […]

Ori & The Will of the Wisps | Review

The most beautiful game ever made There is something truly special about the Ori franchise. The developers, Moon Studios, absolutely nailed this incredible feeling of being so tiny, and achieving such dramatically huge things, yet also focusing so deeply on a captivating yet simple storyline, which was filled with melodrama, bittersweetness, and intense emotion, coupled with incredible gameplay, art, color, and music, in their first game, Ori & The Blind Forest, back in […]

War Tech Fighters | Switch Review

WarTech is Action-Packed, it’s got plenty of Spectacle to its battles and Levels, and while anybody with eyes can see how badly the developer fancied that Gundam or Armored Core License, War Tech is the “Little Indie Space Adventure that Could” and the Action filled Gameplay really does the trick… Usually anyway. Clashing Personal Tastes […]

Exit: The Game-Catacombs of Horror | Spoiler Free Review

What Lies Beneath Escape the room games are a difficult genre to review because the mystery and sense of discovery is the very core of their design concept. I’ll limit how much I reveal and try to keep this review as spoiler-free as possible, but if you’re you’d rather keep the mystery alive, I’ll give […]

Chasm | Indie Backlog Review

Chasm is a 2D Action Platformer RogueLite “Metroidvania” or what I call a Growth Oriented Adventure game since I hate the term Metroidvania. We have gotta come up with a better term. Chasm Intro Modes and Mechanisms But what do these terms mean anyway? Well, you move across a 2D plane, leaping and running into different Rooms, in doing so advancing through a story that will see you explore a lot, fight a lot, […]

Blossoms | Review

Tiptoe Through the Tulips Blossoms is a small card game from Rebel that pits two players against each other in the cut-throat world of competitive flower arranging. Utilizing a simple push-your-luck mechanism, along with a few special powers that each player can use a limited number of times each round, your goal is to grow flowers as tall as possible before cutting them and adding them to your personal bouquet. Does this game take you somewhere that’s green, or should you avoid feeding the plants? Grow For Me I’ve used the phrase “lovely little game” in the past, but Blossoms is the very personification of […]

Super Mega Space Blaster: Special Turbo | Review

Developers: Bare Knuckle Dev Genre: Shmup Players: 1-2 local co-op and competitive play Platforms: PS4, Steam, Switch (Switch edition reviewed) Price: $4.99 Note: This product was received for free for the purpose of review A Modern Day Pew-Pew-Pew Super Mega Space Blaster: Special Turbo (SMSB: ST) from small two-person developer Bare Knuckle Dev may sound […]

Ubongo Extreme: Fun Size Edition | Review

Ubongo Extreme from Kosmos is just one of many entries in the long-running series, the original came out in 2003. Each game in the series revolves around trying to assemble different shaped puzzle pieces into specific arrangements before your opponents. While many games in the puzzle genre rely on Tetris style pieces to make up […]