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I am the father of two amazing children and married to a wonderful wife who tolerates all my quirks, most of the time. I am medically retired from the US Air Force, where I was a Crew Chief on the F-15 Eagle and RQ-4 Global Hawk for the most of my career. The majority of my time in the Air Force was spent in Idaho and California with multiple TDY's, contingency deployments and traditional deployments scattered everywhere. I have many great memories of my time in service, but flying in an F-15D Eagle and being assigned to Operation Noble Eagle for Presidental protection during the Bush administration are definitely front runners. Unfortanintly that all came to an end for me after suffering a TBI in the line of duty. This injury caused my early departure from service. 

I have always been a gamer. My earliest memories are playing my dads old Atari. But, it wasn't until I got a Nintendo for Christmas (1987) one year that my passion truly developed. Enter THE LEGEND OF ZELDA. I was completely taken in by this game. Me and one of my older brothers dove headfirst into this magical world of exploration and secrets that were just waiting to be discovered. This was the time before the internet and strategy guides were not that common. We stole graphing paper from my father's office and started making our own maps of the dungeons. We would blow bombs on every wall in every room. Bombs where expensive so we would farm rupees [I look back at this and realize that Takashi "Ten Ten" Tezuka was introducing me to the future game mechanic forced by modern games today.] to go by them in bulk to carry out our personal quest...to explore everything in Hyrule. We did not keep our exploits to the dungeons of Hyrule. Every time we went to a new screen we would burn every bush, blow a bomb on every segment of the cliffside and push every rock to see if it would budge. Anytime we found anything it would be annotated on the map that came with that beautiful gold game cartridge. And I still remember that Sunday morning that I drove my Master Soward deep into the gut of Ganon and watched in amazement as I beat the game that consumed all winter and fall of my brothers year. The victory was short-lived when I excitedly woke my older brother to give him the great news. Turned out beating the game without him earned me a butt whooping like I just served to Ganon. And honestly, I fully understood. So when it came time to kill Ganon on the second quest I relinquished that honor to him. But till this day I still don't let him forget who originally owned Ganon.

I wanted to make a website where other gamers can share memories like this and make new ones. Where they can go to get the news on the latest games and tech or read articles about the designers or artist. I wanted a place for casual and hardcore gamers to connect and share what they are experiencing. A website void of politics, dog-piling and focused on games. I hope that you will join me on this journey. Please reach out to me with any comments or suggestions.




We are always looking for content creators and community managers. This is, after all, a site for gamers by gamers.


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Grew up playing video games from River Raid and Frogger on the Atari 800xl - Test Drive on the Commodore-64 – Kings Quest on the IBM during the 80s In the 90s came LAN parties with first-person shooters but the Multi-User Domains (MUDs) grabbed my attention and was the majority of my gaming where I would participate in or build worlds. In the late 90s, I joined the US Air Force and put gaming on hold for a few years.

In the early 2000s, I started playing FPS on consoles as a couch multiplayer and then found Neverwinter Nights on PC. I played on a couple of private servers and ended up DMing on one for a while. I also started World of Warcraft in late 2005. I stuck with WoW until the Cataclysm expansion and then became an intermittent player and quit after the Mists of Pandaria expansion. In 2010 I tested out some different console games and enjoyed couch co-op with FPS games. Late 2017 I began exploring private servers for World of Warcraft and in 2018 I have fired up the old battle.net account to take a look at retail WoW.


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