Bethesda E3 2019 Conference | ALG’s Thoughts

Bethesda E3 2019 Conference | ALG’s Thoughts

E3 2019 has come to an end. To say it has been interesting is quite the understatement. There has been a lot of opinions and criticisms surrounding the conferences, some I agree with and some I don’t really agree with. Today I’m going to go over my thoughts about Bethesda’s conference. The conversation surrounding this conference as well as E3, in general, has been interesting to me, so it is something I want to talk about. If you guys like my content, subscribe to my YouTube channel Adam Likes Games. Also, you can scroll to the bottom if you want to watch this article in video format. 

General Consensus

Now, the general consensus for this conference is that it kind of totally sucked. I think the only people that liked it were the ten people in the front row… they were annoying. I will talk more about them later. I can absolutely see why people were disappointed in the conference. They really did not have much to show. A huge majority of what was shown was mobile games, add ons, and updates to games that are already out.  The show ran at about an hour and 20 minutes, so they actually showed quite a bit! The problem was that they didn’t show much of what people actually wanted to see like new games and gameplay for new games. So, I get it, it wasn’t an exciting show. If I had paid money to go to this, I would have been pretty disappointed. 

Did We Set Ourselves Up

This brings me to the “interesting conversation” surrounding the conference that I mentioned earlier. People are ripping this conference apart like they were expecting it to be great when in reality we shouldn’t have expected anything too exciting. Bethesda already made clear that we were not going to be hearing anything about Starfield or Elder Scrolls this year. We could have easily expected 2019 to be a quiet year for them. I’ve heard many people saying that they shouldn’t have done a press conference, and I agree! So why did they do it?

Why do they feel the need to invest all this time and money into creating a conference that really isn’t showing anything new? This is a genuine question that I’m asking. I’m just trying to figure out why E3 even exists. Is it for investors? This is what I have always been told, and It makes sense. E3 was originally designed as an industry-only event. A trade show. A way for companies to showcase their products and the value they have to offer. This show wasn’t created for the public. So maybe this is something Bethesda feels they need to do every year in order to retain and find new investors?

This might be a big reason why mobile games have become a big part of these conferences. I don’t know, it just makes much more sense to me for them to save the resources and just wait until 2020 to come out with a bang, but I’m sure there is a lot more to it than that.

I just don’t know why gamer’s get so upset about a conference that one, isn’t initially created for gamers (from what I understand), and two, was put on by a company that really had no evidence that they were going to show anything new this year. The swarm of negativity on the internet gets very obnoxious to me. It can be so toxic.

I’m kind of just ranting here. I get that people want to be impressed. We should always expect to be impressed by these conferences. I just don’t know why people expect to have an amazing conference every year full of new games, new gameplay, and to just be wowed. Maybe I’m being pessimistic, but I also think I am just being realistic.

The Highlight Reel

Now, let’s talk about some of the highlights from the conference, good and bad. The show starts off with Todd Howard making an apology for Fallout 76. I’ve heard many people saying that this was a half-assed apology. I get where people are coming from, but I think Todd said what he needed to say here. He didn’t need to say more. I am not saying that what they did was okay. It was not okay. Shipping a product that is expected to not do well at launch is ridiculous. They shouldn’t have hyped the game as much as they did the last E3 if they were expecting it to be the way it was at launch. 

 Honestly, even just talking about what happened makes me upset. I don’t know man, I get why people are so mad. I wish he would at least come out in an interview or on social media and apologize for not being transparent about what was going on. But for the sake of E3, I thought it was fine.  I’m just excited that they are making the game better. The waste landers update actually looks pretty cool, the game sounds like it’s running a lot better, there are some new game modes coming out. And all of this is free. They are showing that they care with their actions, and I think that’s what’s most important. I’m probably going to buy the game next time I see a sale. 

 The highlight of the show for me was the reveal trailer for Tango Game Works new game and Doom Eternal. Most of this conference was filler and not really worth watching. They gave us updates on their mobile games like Elder Scrolls Legends and Elder Scrolls Blades. They revealed a new reboot mobile game called Commander Keen, whatever that is. I have zero interest in it. They showed a cinematic trailer for Elder Scrolls: Online Elswyer. This is cool and everything, but it would have been nice to see some gameplay. I’m glad that a lot of people are still playing that game. We also got a cinematic trailer for Arkane studio’s new game Death Loop. 

 Oh my gosh, those screaming fans in the front row. They were so annoying. They would scream over literally anything that came out of Bethesda’s mouth. They would give standing ovations at the most awkward times and It just felt so fake. They were probably paid. If this is true that would be hilarious because it totally backfired and made the show worse. 

 The developer presenting Tango Game works new game, Ghost Wire Tokyo, was easily one of my favorite parts of the show. The Japanese developer was so enthusiastic and could barely speak English. I thought she was so adorable. We did only get to see another cinematic trailer, but I have confidence in Tango. I loved the evil within one and two and from the sounds of it, this game will have a similar vibe. I’m looking forward to seeing some gameplay. 

 And of course, Doom Eternal looks absolutely incredible. This was easily the highlight of the show for me. They showed us some new gameplay elements like platforming, climbing walls, and some new arcade game modes that will utilize these new gameplay features. We got a release date for November 22nd, a look at the new battle mode for multiplayer, and they went into detail about the collector’s edition which includes a doom slayer helmet you can actually wear. This was easily the best part of the show. 

My Thoughts Summed Up

Bethesda’s conference was what I expected. I wasn’t blown away, but I saw enough to make me excited for the future of their games. I love Bethesda. As much as I don’t approve of the crap they have pulled, I want them to succeed. As underwhelming as this conference was, I think they are headed in the right direction. The updates to fallout 76 look great, tangos got a new game in the works, and doom eternal looks like a clear game of the year contender. Yeah, they didn’t blow the roof off at E3, but I am pretty confident you can expect them to do that next year. I’m assuming that this is where we will start to see more of Starfield and probably some of the other games we haven’t seen gameplay for yet. I am sure Bethesda wants to make a big comeback, and I really think they will soon. 

 Well, those are my thoughts on the Bethesda conference. What did you guys think? Do you think it was bad as everyone says it was? How do you feel about E3 as a whole? Let me know in the comments below. 

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