Bloodlines 2 | Pioneers Faction

Bloodlines 2 | Pioneers Faction

Paradox Interactive: Planegg, Munich, August 28, 2019 - PR

Paradox Interactive publishes details of its first independent faction in vampires: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 , the Pioneers ! Not to be confused with a vampire clan, a faction is a group of vampires who have come together under one banner with equal interests. In Bloodlines 2 , the various factions of Seattle vie for control of the city. Each faction has its own history, characteristics and motivation for this project. The choice of which faction to build a bond of trust or which factions to play against each other can have a dramatic impact on Seattle. 

Who are the Pioneers

The Pioneers were among the first to settle and govern Seattle. Led by Lou Grand, the region’s longest reigning ruler, however, her grip on the city has diminished in recent years. They are a collection of individuals from different clans united by an idealistic notion of Seattle as the last frontier, a city with no centuries-old power structure, and a place where they could shape their own futures.

We will not let anyone forget that it was we who created this city. “- Lou Grand

The Pioneersare passionate and have a strong independent mind, but they refuse to identify with the hot- headed anarch . While they dream of regaining their old power, they had to accept the rules of another faction. In return, the remaining Pioneers were allowed to control some smaller parts of Seattle on.

Factional Characteristics

Past Glory: Many of Lous’s vampires who built the city love their memories of what Seattle once was. They have known each other for a long time and are very loyal. The Pioneers are struggling to preserve the remnants of their ancient world. 

“The Insiders Club”: ThePioneers ruled Seattle for the longest part of the city’s existence. This is almost unknown on the west coast. Having lost so much in the last 20 years, they have become skeptical of the changing world, including all the young people who want to join.

Old money: A lot of wealth comes together if you run a city for more than a century. The money of the Pioneers would have great influence almost everywhere in the world. However, in the modern boomtown of Seattle, it only makes it easier to slip into irrelevance.

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