Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night | Review

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night | Review

Written Review

Hi guys Meffistoe here and today I want to discuss a brand new game that came out a few weeks ago called Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. I have to admit this game was not on my radar and it was gifted to me by one of the members of my small twitch community. This is a great point to stop and plug so if you do like this content chances are you’ll like other stuff that I have done so please check out my channel and I would appreciate a subscription as well. You can also catch me live on Twitch.

The Story

I’ll start as usual with the story.  In 1739 the world descended into chaos as a horde of demons crept on the land. Desperate, the alchemy guild made the shard binders a group of humans r infused with the powers of demons. 2 of which survived. 1 was placed in a coma and the other disappeared. 10 years later the demon threat has risen again and a young Shardbinder who was in a coma was revived. We play that Shardbinder.


Now onto the gameplay. On the surface bloodstained is a Castlevania style 2D platformer with a few mini puzzles along the way.  But the game hides a very in-depth game that goes beyond your normal 2D platformer. Your character progression is very detailed and has many layers to it.

Your main source of damage dealing is your weapon and you have a large variety of them that you can collect, buy or craft. But the complexity comes with the shard system. You’ll notice a few colored shards in your inventory. Each color represents a different type of action. The red shard, for instance, represents the magic of sorts. Be it a fireball or a magical flail or a summoning spell. The blue shard represents a physical attribute. One of the first ones you’ll get is a blue shard that gives an ability to manipulate certain objects in the space.

All these shards can be upgraded as well so you have another way of progressing your character. Speaking of progression, you won’t have access to any crafting or upgrading system until you finish the first part of the map. It serves as a gameplay tutorial and an introduction to the story. After the initial area, you’ll settle into your main HUB and there you’ll find them all so familiar equipment vendor and crafting and upgrading station. In the tutorial, you’ll get a taste of discovering hidden rooms and treasure chests but once you make your way into the castle you’ll be bombarded with passageways, locked doors and traps and of course a multitude of different demons.  And of course  difficult and challenging bosses especially to an old-timer like myself.

Now That Is Out Of The Way

Now that is out of the way, let me discuss my opinion of the game and a few things I encountered while playing this game. Like many of the games, I review in this channel this genre is not in my usual wheelhouse. The last PC platformer I played was the original Prince of Persia which is an amazing game.


This game, however, has taken me completely by surprise. I have seen its ad pop by my steam feed and in other places but I paid no attention to it.  Like I mentioned in my intro a member of my twitch community donated money for me to buy it and so I did and played it a few times live on stream. I enjoyed exploring the huge map in front of me and I was deeply frustrated by the bosses. I admit it, I usually play these games on the easy setting but I took it upon myself to choose normal. And I do not regret it.  Unlike Dark Souls where I am completely lost after the Asylum Demon and I can’t progress beyond the next boss, I was stuck on several bosses in this game and had to leave them and regroup and try another day. But I made it. The game totally rewards you for exploring and for trying to find ways to get to that next chest or that next HP power up. You have to use all the tools available to you in order to solve certain areas in the game. And some of these areas that seem unsolvable might just be missing that extra shard with a certain power that lets you traverse the environment.

I was backtracking a lot during my gameplay. A LOT.   you can literally grind exp points and materials because each time you leave a room it resets the demons in that room. Plus the added bonus of each demon has a chance to drop a demon shard that you can use as a part of your arsenal.

Art Style

Btw if you haven’t noticed by now the game is supremely weeb I mean anime style. Not my preferred choice of graphics but it doesn’t hurt the gameplay.  But it does come with something that I would expect of a game with this style in mind. A costume designer which you’ll have to find and unlock, a selfie cam which you’ll have to provide materials for and a brooding emo characters that are straight out of edge city. But again it doesn’t hurt the main gameplay so I didn’t see it as a negative.

The Downside

The main drawback I see for this game is the fact that it needs a controller to play it. It’s fine if you are like me and have a controller. But if a regular person buys this game on PC I would imagine he wouldn’t like to go out and purchase a controller in order to play a game. The keyboard settings are a bit awkward and less intuitive.

The Verdict

Overall a great game, even for the players who never played a Castlevania 2D platformer game in their life. There is enough of a modern game to recognize familiar things. The way they manipulate the graphics around you and making you think you are in a 3D space is something that surprised me and gave me much respect to the depth the developers went through to immerse you in the game’s environment. Shame about the controller issue.

I give this game an 8.5 out of 10

That it from me Meffistoe and. I’ll see you out there in the world of gaming. 

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