It’s Blunderful | Board Game Review

It’s Blunderful | Board Game Review

I love party games. And Bicycle has delivered one that will stay in my rotation with It’s Blunderful. It is a mix of “Know your friends” and betting. A combination that normally ends in laughter. I will say this upfront, its a game for all adults to play. I’ll cover more of that at the end, but let us start by looking at what it is all about.

What's The Deal?

So, how well do you think you know your friends? Are you willing to bet it all that you know them as well as you think you do? That is the basic premiss behind It’s Blunderful. Players will take turns reading a card that has a situation on it and then read off the choices for how they would react to the situation. The other players will then select what way they think the reader will react and place a bet on it. After all the bets are in, the reader will reveal their choice. If the other players guessed correctly, they will receive the points they bet. But, if you don’t know the reader like you thought you did…you will lose those points you bet. This continues until someone reaches 100 points. That’s it, it is so simple that the rules can be explained before your done setting it up. That is a great benefit if you’re playing with new groups regularly or if you only have a little time for play. Normally in the next section, I would go more in-depth on the rules. But there is no need for that with It’s Blunderful. I will add a video explaining them and showing an example of play for all of you visual learners out there. The hardest part is not judging your friends for what you might learn about them. 


I said earlier this is a fun game for all adults. What I mean by that is that you will have fun with your best friends to even your parents. Most party games seem to go with a more “Adult Content” approach. I love Cards Against Humanity, but it’s not for everyone. Most of the cards go for the shock value reaction. This can make playing with all your friends a little difficult. Not everyone will find it funny and some will find it offensive. This limits the pool of players for your game. It’s Blunderful, however, keeps an adult game going without using shock value to make it fun. All the questions and answers are tasteful, and something you wouldn’t mind playing with your parents or friends from church. This opens that player pool to include a lot more people. 

I’m recommending It’s Blunderful as a must-buy game for all those who enjoy party games because of this. It’s refreshing to have a game like this that can be broken out no matter who shows up for Game Night. The laughs are still there without the shock value. It is quick to set up and you will have the rules explained before your done setting it up. Through multiple playthroughs with different groups, no one had any complaints and there was always laughter. Those are the keys to a great game. We are finishing up the review process on another Bicycle game, Shuffle Grand Prix, so stay tuned for that review shortly.

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