Board Game Review | Ridiculous Expositions

Board Game Review | Ridiculous Expositions

Gen Con kicks off today and we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than a review for a board game. It just seemed fitting. Ridiculous Expositions from Gray Matters Games gets that honor. This NSFW party game will have you laughing and let you know who of your friends truly has the dirtiest mind. So with no further delay, let us see what #AceWinger has in store for us inside his package. 

What's In The Box

Gray Matters Games did not skimp when it came to sourcing their material for this game. The box itself is really well put together with thick cardboard that will hold up over time and not show to much wear from normal use and storage. The cards are also high quality and seem like the ink quality is really good so you won’t need to worry about fading or ink bleeding. There isn’t much to be said about the timer, other than its there and its pretty accurate to its set 90 sec.

  • 1X Rule Pamphlet
  • 1X Timer
  • 400X Question Card


Be the team with the most points at the end of five rounds.

Set Up

Split into two teams. The rule book uses these examples…and I like them so will I. TEAM ASSTASTIC nad TEAM BONERRIFIC. Each team will take a box of cards. Place the timer in reach of the team that requires it.

Game Play

From Demo Cards
From Demo Cards

To make sure this explained the right way, we will give it straight from the rule pamphlet. 

1. The team with the member who has the dirtiest
mind goes first! This will be the “Solving Team.”

2. The opposing team selects a “Swinger” from their
team to sit with the Solving Team during the round.
More details on the role of the “Swinger” below.

3. Start the 90-second timer.

4. The opposing team will display cards one at a time
to the Solving Team from their card box until the
90-second timer is up.

5. During this time, the Solving Team must read
the cards aloud to either: (i) correctly guess
the dirty phrase or (ii) pass on the cards it
cannot solve.

6. During the round, the opposing team is
responsible for organizing the Solving Team’s
cards into two piles: one for correct answers
and one for passed cards.

7. Once the 90-second timer is up, the assigned
Swinger can attempt to steal any cards that
the Solving Team passed on. The Swinger will
have 10 seconds to solve each card.

8. Boom! A half of a round of play is now
complete! The opposing team now becomes
the Solving Team and gets their 90 seconds of
glory the exact same way.


After completing five rounds, teams will add up the total points indicated on their cards. And as usual, the team with the higher score wins. This is where you get to mock your friends and laugh at the other team if you are on the winning side. 

The Verdict

Ridiculous Expositions is a funny game. The warning that Gray Matters Games puts on the box saying it is NSFW is not just a marketing ploy. It is 100 percent true and I think that helps this stand out as one of the better party games I have played recently. Any time you get a laugh with friends and see them when they drop their guard and stop acting properly is a win for me. The rules are simple and the game moves fast. If you like Cards Against Humanity, I think you will like this game.  But there is a better way of seeing if this game is for you. Click Here to download a demo of the game that Gray Matters Games has made available. It comes with the complete rules and a sampling of cards for you to print off and play with. So after you leave a comment below and share on social media, go and download it and find out for yourself. It’s worth mentioning that a portion of all sales is directed to aid Alzheimer’s research.

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