Board Game Review | Unspeakable Words

Board Game Review | Unspeakable Words

This is the Call of Cthulhu word game everyone is talking about. Well, at least they would be if they weren’t all insane and speaking in tounges. But don’t worry yourself too much. It probably just means they are still playing the game. 

Word Games W/ Cards

Like most word games you will be trying to build words from the letters in your hand. Instead of using tiles to make up your hand, players will receive and draw cards from the deck. The game uses the angles of the letter on the card to score the value of the card, unlike most word games that use the frequency a letter is used to determine its value.


An example of this would be the letter O has zero angles, so it equals zero points. On the other hand, a letter like X would equal four points. The player will use their hand to spell out a word that is three letters or more. Once the word is played, the total point value from the cards is added to the player’s score. But the round is not over yet. Now it is time to see if you can stay sane.

Going Insane

Players will have to make “Sanity” checks after every hand. This involves rolling a D20. The roll must meet or exceed the total points scored from the played word. If the roll fails to meet the Insanity check, the player must return one of their five statues to the center of the table. This goes on until the player has only one remaining statue.

The Fun Starts When You Go Insane

Once the player is down to one statue, they are officially Insane. As soon as the player goes Insane they start speaking complete gibberish. This lets them play any combinations of letters they want from their hand. An example of this is “FDSGX”. We implemented a house rule here that required the Insane person to explain what their word meant. It added to the humor. The player will still need to make their sanity check after each hand. If the check is passed they will continue to play insane. If they fail the check, well they are out of the game. The game goes until there is one sane person left or a player reaches one hundred points.

Will You Go Insane For This Game?

I enjoyed this word game with its unique twist on scoring and the Insanity mechanic. That is where I feel this game truly shines. It brought a lot of laughter to the table. I’m not a big word game fan. But this game seems to be more inviting to younger children and those who are bad spellers. The words played are normally smaller than most word games, thus a player with a less complex vocabulary is still able to compete. Thanks to this, I might actually win a word game one day. So if you and a group of friends love word games you need to try this out. If word games are not normally your jam, you should hit up your local community gaming center and try it out. I am willing to bet you they have a copy of this. 

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