Borderlands 3 | Preview

Borderlands 3 | Preview

Hello ladies and gentleman, Starviper here and welcome to a preview of Borderlands 3, where we will talk about some things we know already about this game. Borderlands 3, the most anticipated and latest installment of the loved FPS series, is just a couple of days away from being released. 

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The Vault Hunters

Now going straight to Borderlands 3 we will start with the characters. There will be 4 playable characters called Vault Hunters and they come with their own names, specializations and skill trees. You will be greeted by:

Moze ” the gunner” which will have a mech that will help her in fights.

FL4K “the beastmaster” will have different animals that will fight for him.

ZANE ” the Operative”- specialized in explosives and other battlefield gadgets.

AMARA ” the Siren”- a heavy brawler who will crush her enemies with her bare fists.

Besides the playable Vault hunters, you will encounter some old characters as well, such as Lilith and mad Moxxi.

And yeah… “This is Claptrap”

The Villains

Next, we will talk a bit about the villains. These will be the Calypso twins Tyreen and Troy which hold the power and lead the faction  “The Children of the Vault”. They will be accompanied by a heavy army of different types of enemies. From mechs to mutants and even some knows pests from the previous games, like the spider-ants and varkids. So better prepare yourself with some arsenal when venturing outside.

The Guns

Speaking about arsenal, Gearbox didn’t let us down and made sure we have even more weapons to use than ever before, seeing some of these in the official game demo they actually showed us. They stated that we will have over 1 billion guns to choose from. Most of the guns will be found in weapon boxes. Well, good luck in collecting them all!! Oh! and because we speak about weapon boxes, I have to mention that borderlands 3 will have microtransactions aswell. Yes! loot boxes are a thing but don’t worry because the devs said that there will only contain cosmetic items. Nothing pay to win… hopefully!

The World and Vehicles

Going further with the game world, the gameplay will be set on the planet pandora, but not only there, because your hub Sanctuary 3 is a spaceship. This means that you will have the freedom to travel to other planets as well. Onboard of Sanctuary 3, you will even have a room which you can decorate and there will be a bar, plus some other cool things. Not to forget to mention that you will have drivable vehicles in the game. 

The Multiplayer

Of course borderlands 3 will include a 4- player co-op game and the devs are working on adding a cross-platform aswell. Besides this, they made sure that every player will have his own loot drops. So if you play with random people you won’t have to worry about them stealing your stuff.

The Release Date

In terms of the games release date, I already mentioned that it will launch in a couple of days, more specific on the 13th of September but only for Epic Store in terms of PC. It will be an Epic Store exclusive until April 2020, but available on PS and Xbox from day one.

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