Call Of Duty Needs To Be Realistic | Op-Ed

Call Of Duty Needs To Be Realistic | Op-Ed

When I saw the E3 footage of IGN reporters/journalist talk about the new Call Of Duty, it made me do a double take. The IGN employees said it was too realistic to play and hoping the rest of the game won’t be like this. This was a closed-door demo and only certain people could play. We don’t really know what will happen in the game but it shocked these IGN employees. Why is that exactly? I’m confused about this. Not because people are offended that happens every day, I’m confused because this is what Call Of Duty has done for years even maybe since it was invented.

Call Of Duty used to be known for World War Two era first-person shooters which used graphic detail to depict war in a realistic way, well as real as the old graphic s could get. One of the crown jewels of the WW2 Call Of Duty games was World At War. You see and experience some very horrific sights because of the global theater of WW2. You play as an American soldier who gets rescued from the Japanese and fight in the Pacific part of the war. The other part is you playing as a Russian who is a survivor of a massacre. I’m going to focus on the Russian part since it has the most story for the game. As you move on as the Russian, you join the rest of the Russian army to take Berlin. You the Russians become more and more heartless toward the Germans. This is war and it is ugly and should not shy away from the horror of war and even allies can be just as cruel as the enemy.

People were tired of fighting in the past of WW2 but then came the Modern Warfare series in the Call Of Duty franchise. This meant showing what the current military deals with and the trauma they deal with. The first Modern Warfare game had a surprise of a nuke being detonated and then seeing from a first-person view someone dying radiation sickness. In Modern Warfare 2 there was a famous or infamous mission called No Russian. This depicts a more realistic domestic terrorism act as you can gun down innocent people in an airport. This mission to me is not just for shock value but is important to the plot of the game. This mission sets up the motivation of the world governments and terrorist. If you don’t want to see it they tell at the main menu or when the mission starts you have the choice to skip it. Even in other Call Of Duty games in that time like in Black Ops they push gritty war stories. At the start of the game, you try to kill Castro and at the end, your character is implied to have killed JFK. This pushed a more realistic type of story that war has no good sides, it’s just war.

Taking out these real war type of stories and depicting events would be a big mistake for Activision to do. In fact, people are now tired of the futuristic settings and over the top explosions with no grit. As I mentioned before the IGN report on the closed gameplay has had some interesting results. All of them said if the game is this tense as the demo they would not play it. This sends the opposite message I think because of hearing that it’s too real makes people want to buy it. Hopefully, Activision does not take anything from the game because it might offend. This is what will sell the game to the masses and should not bend the knee to some other the majority.

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