Cat Quest 2 | Review

Cat Quest 2 | Review

Sometimes you will play a game that catches you completely by surprise. Cat Quest 2 was one of those games for me. Sure I could tell it had nice graphics and art style. I had seen the announcement trailers and stuff. But I never played the first one, so how fun could an RPG Lite with a cat and dog actually be? Well, let me just tell you upfront…Gentlebros has delivered an amazing game that I truly enjoyed from the very moment I picked the controller. Honestly its a Purrfect recipe for success. Let’s look at the story first.

Main Story

Starting Area

The story starts with the cat and dog being transported to a world they don’t recognize and can’t remember much. A whispy orb is there to meet them and explain things the best he can. There is a Great War on the horizon between the Cats and Dogs and you two are the only hope at restoring peace. Legends have foretold the return of the Kings to save their realm. So you set forth on your journey to bring peace to the land. I am being really vague here because I don’t want to spoil the story. It took me around 10 hours to complete the main story. And yes, it is a good story that fleshes out well as you play it. But the main story is just the beginning of this purrfect tale that TheGentleBros has crafted.

Side Quest

The side quest is where I think the game really shined in its writing. Sure you will be collecting or killing things. But, you also get to do things like staring competitions and rock paper scissor tournaments. You will find yourself looking for lost items that unique NPC task you to find. And these NPC’s stand out. They don’t feel copy and pasted. They all have their own personality and that adds to the comedy of the game. I’m at around 15 hours of gameplay and I am still running around collecting golden chest, clearing the remaining dungeons (73 in total), and finishing up the side quest (67 in total), searching for all the spells (12 in total), and collect all the weapons and armor (101 in total). As I said, you will laugh throughout the course of the game…but, I have to warn you about some of the jokes.

Fair Warning

The cat and dog puns start at the very beginning and only end when you close the game down. Well, that is if you don’t find yourself busting them out on your friends later in the day. I did and I got the looks that you think I would. So if corny jokes turn you off…you might want to skip this one. But if you stick it out and do the side quest, you will get an explanation of why there are so many puns. The explanation is in one of those side quests and it explained it puuurfectly! 

An RPG Lite?

I called this game an RPG Lite earlier and that’s because it is missing some normal RPG elements. There is no class system. Either character can cast magic or use mele attacks. You can even change who what spell is assigned to in the menu mid-battle. This is extremely handy when encountering enemies that might be fully resistant to either magic or physical damage.

Each character has four slots that you can assign spells to. These spells are found throughout the world on Stone monoliths. Once discovering these spells they are added to your spell inventory and you will receive a mana boost. These spells range from fire-based to arcane spells. You will be able to go to the mage tower and upgrade your spells there so that they do more damage or increase the duration of the spells for some gold. The weapons have a similar upgrade system.

Weapons come in two categories. Mele and ranged. You can go see The Hotdog guy and have him upgrade your weapons for a fee. Also, they can be upgraded by finding duplicate items. If you find a weapon that you already have, it will automatically upgrade your weapon to the next level. Weapons can do magic damage or physical damage and some of the higher tear items will provide both. Armor follows this same upgrade model and normally carry a stat to increase armor, resistance or movement buffs.

Another RPG Light element that can be found is there are no skill points to distribute upon leveling. When you ding, you will get an increase in max health. It is up to you to upgrade your equipment for higher damage output. Other skills such as water walking will be made available through a quest. I have to stress, this does nothing to take away from the gameplay.

Game Play

The gameplay is amazing in this game. From the animations of traversing these two kingdoms to the combat system that has been implemented. I figured that with the art style of the game and the design of the map, this would be a turn-based game. I’m happy to say it isn’t. This is real-time combat, allowing for mechanics like the roll and certain spells to set up your environment to work for you. You can lure enemies into traps in the dungeons or the black hole spell to trap your enemies in a bottleneck to unleash hell upon them. 

You will be switching between spells and weapons a lot during combat based on the enemies weaknesses. This leads to my only complaint with the game. I wish they had set up a quick slot system so I could change items out without having to enter the menu system. Don’t get me wrong, its simple to do. But with the amount of variety in the dungeons, it would have been nice and kept me more immersed in the game. 

Players will be able to switch between the two characters at any moment by the press of a button. Or if you have a friend you can team up together. I currently have not tested this feature… I don’t have many friends, maybe because I enjoy games withs cats and dogs. 

The Catclusion

I loved this game. It is great for gamers of any level. But, I think this is an amazing starting point for younger players to introduce them into the RPG genre. GentleBros did an amazing job with this game and I cant wait to see more from them. The game is currently available on Steam and will be on the console in the near future. At this moment this game is defiantly on my radar for Indie Game of the Year. My suggestion to anyone that enjoys RPG’s or RPG Lites, get this game…It will be a Catastophy if you don’t.

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