Monster Hunter World’s Beautiful Grind

With many people having a lot of extra time on their hands these days, for various reasons, I've gotten asked quite regularly what I've been playing. I've played a few games over the last few months, including things like Final Fantasy VII: Remake. But there's one game that I've largely used as my answer. One game that I've played for nearly 250 hours since April. One game that I was certain I'd get bored of far before now... One game that just…

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As any gamer would know, pre-ordering a video game is a guaranteed way to make sure that you get it. This is also a good method to make sure that you get it slightly earlier than most other people would. Pre-ordering in recent times though has problems that many see as an issue. Let’s…


Was Resident Evil VII a True Return to Survival Horror?

The year is 2016. Horror games have seen somewhat of a resurgence on the PC, thanks to games like Amnesia, Outlast, Alien: Isolation and Five Nights at Freddy's. Still, the focus in a lot of these games is more about fear through helplessness, rather than survival design, which had been the dominant element in the previous generation of horror, thanks to series' like Resident Evil. But…

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Children of Morta (CE) Impressions

Each year that goes by there is always a selection of indie games that really stand out from the crowd. Last year we were treated to Dead Cells and the critically acclaimed Celeste, and these games made a significant impact in the indie scene that really put them…

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5 Best Aussie Indie Games We Played At Pax Australia

At PAX Australia in Melbourne earlier this month, an entire wing of the Melbourne Convention Centre Main Hall was set aside for PAX Rising, a huge swathe of booths specifically for local indie developers to strut their stuff and show off what these teams have on offer. From one-person outfits and…

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Bowing to Censorship

When it comes to making money from video games, you want to give people what they want. However, as we have learned in the recent month of October 2019. It seems what these companies are all about to…

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