Architects of the West Kingdom | Review

A Blueprint for Success Architects of the West Kingdom is the first title in the West Kingdom trilogy, a follow up to Garphill Games previously released North Sea trilogy. Players take on the role of a noble Architect, tasked with constructing various buildings in a new land. Chief among these being the giant cathedral that…

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Ori & The Will of the Wisps | Review

The most beautiful game ever made There is something truly special about the Ori franchise. The developers, Moon Studios, absolutely nailed this incredible feeling of being so tiny, and achieving such dramatically huge things, yet also focusing so deeply on a captivating yet simple storyline, which was…

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Blossoms | Review

Tiptoe Through the Tulips Blossoms is a small card game from Rebel that pits two players against each other in the cut-throat world of competitive flower arranging. Utilizing a simple push-your-luck mechanism, along with a few special powers that each player can use a limited number of times each round, your goal is to grow flowers as tall as…

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