EA Has Sunk To A New Low | Op-Ed

EA Has Sunk To A New Low | Op-Ed


EA has proven once again that their biggest priority as a company is to screw and manipulate their player base as much as humanly possible, at least that’s what it sure seems like. This was made clear when an EA executive tried to convince UK Parliaments that they don’t consider their loot boxes to be loot boxes, but “surprise mechanics”. They even have the guts to say that this is what gamers want and that we find them fun. 
Honestly,  I’m not even surprised that EA is trying to pull something this ridiculous. It amazes that they continue to find a way to dig a deeper hole for themselves. The company has proven time and time again that they would rather change the narrative surrounding their controversies instead of working to improve their shady business practices. Not long ago we were told that gamer’s don’t play single-player games anymore and that live service games are more of what gamers want. We all remember the loot box fiasco surrounding Star Wars Battlefront 2 and EA’s infamous “We want players to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment” response on Reddit. 
Well, they’ve done it once again when trying to justify their loot boxes. EA has decided that a great way to avert the public eye from the controversy surrounding loot boxes is to just change the name of them completely. 
We got this information from a hearing with UK parliaments digital, media and sports committee that took place June 19th. Ea’s Vice president of legal and government affairs Kerry Hopkins, as well as executives from epic games, were called to this hearing and were questioned on their business practices and whether or not they consider the loot boxes in their games to be ethical.  (
In the video above, there is a clip from the hearing that will tell you all you need to hear.
We see in the clip that even Uk parliaments can see right through EA’s bull crap. The Parliaments member questioning Hopkins looks to be dumbfounded and frustrated with the way Hopkins tries to talk herself around the controversies surrounding EA’s loot boxes. He even laughs when Hopkins corrected his language and assured him that their loot boxes are innocent “surprise mechanics”. What blows my mind is that she actually has the guts to say that this is something that players want and have fun with. Absolutely ridiculous.
To me, this shows that EA knows exactly where their priorities are. At this point, I’m convinced that changing their business practices or improving the terrible relationship they have with their player base is not very high on their priority list. 
I’m sure they were fully aware of the backlash that was going to come from this. So I wonder, why do they keep doing this to themselves. I’m pretty sure the higher-ups at EA aren’t stupid. They know exactly what there doing. They make so much damn money from micro transactions that it’s probably more worth it for them to double down on loot boxes as opposed to considering what their players want and getting rid of them completely. Maybe it’s worth it for them to take these blows to their brand because micro transactions have proven to be so incredibly lucrative for them. This is just speculation from me. 
Regardless of the reason why they keep doing this, it bums me out that EA isn’t giving us any signs that they will be changing their ways any time soon. Many talented developers like Dice and Bio ware are taking a lot of heat because of EA’s poor decisions. You can clearly see that their games have decreased in quality over the years and that EA is prioritizing putting their resources elsewhere. 
It makes me happy to see other companies in the industry learning from EA’s mistakes and making an effort to stay away from these shady business practices. I think that the majority of these companies are trying to do what is right, and this gives me hope that the greedy part of the industry will start to go away, or at least be a little less prominent. 

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