FAIRY TAIL | Preview

FAIRY TAIL | Preview

Press Release

Following a captivating presentation at the Tokyo Game Show 2019, KOEI TECMO and developer GUST are excited to unveil new details about their upcoming, long-awaited JRPG, the long-awaited FAIRY TAIL.

The game FAIRY TAIL, based on the manga and anime eponymous signed Hiro Mashima, will follow the arc of the “Great Inter-Magic Games”. Players will be able to relive or discover for the very first time the exciting episodes of the favorite plot of the fans. The game will not only consist of stories already told in the manga and anime but also intrigue and quests unpublished!  
During their adventure, players will be able to create their team from a selection of more than ten playable characters, for example: The Fire Dragon Hunter, Natsu Dragnir; The Constellations Mage, Lucy Heartfilia; The Constructive Ice Mage, Gray Fullbuster; The Fairy Queen ‘Titania’, Erza Scarlet; as well as the young Heavenly Dragon Hunter, Wendy Marvell. With a wide choice of characters, players can then form their dream team and even create a group of allies completely unlikely to make their crazy adventures.

The magical, intense and ferocious fights of the series will take your breath away in the game FAIRY TAIL; Players will have a choice of different scales of magic that their characters can handle. Known attacks of the series will be repeated on the screen, as for example Natsu who will be able to take advantage of the changes of mode, using, in particular, his technique “Scream of the Dragon of Fire”! In addition, some members of the guild will help you during your battles, including Makarof Draer, the guild master who can be called and who will provide significant help in your battles!

In FAIRY TAILSuccessful battles and quests will not only bring you experience, but it will also cause the different characters to connect to each other and this will lead to new scenarios. You will then be able to improve the skills of each and thus increase the rank of the guild. Players can then accept more missions and quests to become the best guild of the Kingdom of Fiore!
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