Featured Content Creator | Direckt Gaming

Featured Content Creator | Direckt Gaming

Quick Facts

Started making content: January 2019

Favorite game genre: Western RPGs.

Favorite game: Mass Effect 2

Systems you play: Mostly Xbox, but also PS4 and Switch.

Platforms you share content: YouTube | Twitter | 181GAMING

Recommended Content Creators: Triple Jump, Vidiots, Special Moves, Jim Sterling, Dealer – Gaming, Laymen Gaming, WizFish.

Age: 31

Location: Near Newcastle, Australia

Current Job/Industry: Tech Support

The Questions

How did you get into Content Creating? I watch a hell of a lot of YouTube content and figured I always have a lot to say about the video game industry, so I should start making my own content instead of just watching other people do it all the time.

Have you run into any obstacles when it comes to creating content? If so what did do to overcome them? I think the biggest obstacle is being found on YouTube in the first place. Obviously, when you start up, you have 0 subscribers, you have 0 reach, and you kind of just have to start grinding in order to make an impact and get your content seen. I think networking on Twitter is a good way to be seen in this regard, and just persisting with high-quality content on a regular basis. I’m still a very very small channel, but having a passion for gaming is what drives me to persist, and hopefully succeed.

One of your favorite videos you created and why? I think my Anthem review is probably my favorite so far; it was my first fully-fledged game review, and I was really proud of how it turned out.

 What type of things do you do when it comes to creating content that makes you unique? I like to at least think I have a pretty decent knowledge of what’s currently happening in the game industry with developers and publishers, and I try to keep pretty up-to-date with the latest news, and I hope this comes off in my videos. But I also try and write well thought out scripts for each of my videos, which allows me to be informative and objective as well. I think there’s so much negativity throughout the games’ industry and I like to have a pretty positive outlook most of the time, but where objectivism is needed, I like to be unbiased.

What do you believe has attributed to your success when it comes to Content Creating? Well, it’ll be seen moving forward if I’m actually successful with the endeavors of content creation, but I hope that my style of video, my personality and my willingness to look objectively at my work and improve in every single video helps me grow over time. I enjoy networking with people all over the world on Twitter as well, and I think growing my presence there will help me grow my channel as well. An opportunity like this to write articles and reviews here at 181 Gaming is something that I’m super pumped about, as a professional writing gig in the industry is something I’m very passionate about as well.

Any tips or advice for other Creators? Just start creating. I’ve only been doing this for six months, and my growth is still very slow, but if I hadn’t started making videos, writing scripts and getting myself out there, it would still be at zero. I don’t exactly have a niche like a lot of people suggest when starting out on YouTube, but I think having pretty extensive knowledge of the industry helps me be informative with whatever issue or video try to tackle. So keep up with what’s actually happening in the areas that you want to create content about. And enjoy yourself; there’s no point in spending hours upon hours of your free time doing something you hate, so make sure you love what you cover, and find others that are passionate about the same things too.

Outside of creating content for YouTube, how are you involved in the gaming industry? Other than my channel, I’m involved in another YouTube channel and podcast called Spawn/Respawn (Find them on Twitter) with three other awesome people! We’ve been doing the podcast every week for the last couple of months and we’re just breaking into video content now, so hopefully, some exciting stuff to come in the future! We did a ton of coverage of E3 as well, so definitely check it out!

What is your biggest prediction for 2019 in the game’s world? Well, E3 has already happened, so a lot of potential predictions have already come to fruition, but I think, as a huge fan of Xbox, that we’ll start seeing the seeds that have been sewn by Phil Spencer and the Xbox Game Studios, finally start to grow into an impressive lineup of games. It’s a big call considering its competition, but I think Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds will be on a lot of people’s GOTY lists, including mine.

A Word From The Editor

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