Featured Streamer | IZZYSCREAMIN

Featured Streamer | IZZYSCREAMIN




Southern California

Current Job/Industry:

Caretaker for my disabled uncle.

Favorite game genre:

Racing & First Person Shooters

Favorite game(s):

Metal Gear Solid PS1 All Time // Forza Motorsport.

Recommended Streamer(s):

https://www.twitch.tv/svr_solar  Creator of Solar Vision Racing or SVR, Solar has a stream built off of JRPGs and Forza Motorsport. (One of my favorite games of all time.) Before I “retired” from the Forza I was SVR IZZY and I shared a lot of time with this team. Solar has an amazing community around him based off two niche areas. He plays a slew of titles that range in traditional JRPG elements to modern Action RPG elements that differ from Western RPGs. Basically when Solar isnt running laps and competing with some the best in Forza Motorsport he is out there chatting with his followers and playing games that definitely attract the anime crowd and old school game buffs like myself.

https://www.twitch.tv/mesasphere Mesa has a following based on his Forza artistic abilities. He may not be the biggest painter out there but his lady is Ice Jade Rabbit and she is one of the hottest designers out there in terms of liveries downloaded. Mesa tends to stream hours of him just painting cars. He creates liveries and he also creates exact recreations of anime, cartoon and other fantasy characters onto cars. His intricate work and attention to detail will leave you wondering whats happening and before you know it you watched him hand create art before your eyes. He also does a lot of community racing and is a painter for the eSports team Lazarus. Whom are in the Forza Race Championship or FRC 2019. Expect to see his work and maybe even Ice Jade Rabbit Designs work as well. 

https://www.twitch.tv/jensenator Jensen is a young streamer in the sense he is new at streaming. A former teammate and former SVR member Jensen and I met through Forza. He recruited me to SVR and we went on to post a Top 10 finish at Daytona 24 hours hosted by The Online Race Association or TORA. Jensen doesnt play Forza on a controller because he has a sim rig and in this rig is a Logitech G920. I have a lot of respect for wheel drivers and often have tried to promote other streamers whom use a wheel. Outside of Forza Motorsport you can see him in the Forza Horizon franchise and Dirt Rally franchise. The way his camera is setup it allows you to watch both the wheels and the pedal work he does. If Jensen is late night streaming you may also find him in one of his favorite franchises and that is Borderlands. You can bet he will be streaming Borderlands 3 when it drops this month!

Started streaming:

June 2015 on PS4

Systems you play on:

PC and Xbox.

Platforms you stream on:

How did you two get into Streaming?

Wanted to see what it was about. Never watched streamers and still don’t really get into it. I consider myself an entertainer and being on Twitch I get to do just that. Its why its hard to play competitive games on stream, I want to chat that much!

Have you run into any obstacles when it comes to Streaming? If so what did you do to overcome them?

Yeah my laptop died which did a lot for me, mostly, let me read and interact with my chat via a bot. Even before a true stream PC was added last year, I still made my stream interactive and engaging with AhnkBot now Streamlabs Chatbot. Losing that bot made me stop streaming and it resulted in me buckling down to get a stream PC setup. The bot was an important part of my stream and still is today.

One of your favorite Stream memories?

Forza in general has been my favorite stream memories. From my pleb days to my super try hard days at the end. In the last night bracket of Forza I’m the big fish and I brought a lot of people around because of my stream. Thus I reached heights with Forza I never expected. I’m “retired” until Forza Motorsport 8 drops. Hopefully Turn 10 Studios delivers a quality experience because my favorite streams and times have mostly been around that game since 2016.

What type of things do you do when it comes to Streaming that makes you unique?

High Score. I’m old school. I have been gaming longer than most the kids in my stream have been alive. Back in the day we put our names on the scoreboard. The High Score was usually my spot. But stream currency can break the bot and pollute the chat with senseless text based games. So I make the High Score hours based. Meaning that you get scored on how much you hang out there. I wanted Lurkers and Actives to be able to earn something more than just a thank you. I know a lot of people condemn Lurkers these days but I cant deny that half my viewers are Lurkers, real people, whom just want to help me out. The currency system is in place so you can play !boss !fight !ffa (free for all) Retweets are a way to earn currency as well. With these actual currency points, not the hours, you can use audio alerts of myself screaming on stream made from stream clips and other alerts from movies and music. I try to make my High Score system interactive, rewarding and most of all vastly different and unique in the sense that you are doing more than watching me race or shoot plebs.

What do you believe has attributed to your success when it comes to Streaming?

Being real. Just being who I am. I don’t ask for donations or beg for hand outs. The fact I have a community that has given so much to me since I became a Twitch Affiliate is pretty fucking awesome. What you see with me is what you get. But also when you start looking past the smoke and the loud bravado, you see more than just some guy streaming doing and saying outlandish things. You see a real human being just being who he is. I share my mental health with my community, I talk about my past struggles with drugs and mental health, I talk about geopolitics and talk about things that aren’t just circle jerk and knee jerk reactionary bullshit. Either you’ll love me for how real I am or you’ll find that I’m that guy whom challenges your core beliefs and ideas. I just think and say too much, openly and sometimes vehemently and vitriolically. I have a hard time describing myself due to image conflictions. But I do think its my personality and how personal I am with my viewers about my life and views. That’s and I’m a salty mutha fucker. I think people enjoy my reactions to the games and things I am doing. Thus making my life as an entertainer more natural and not forced.

Any tips or advice for other Streamers?

It’s hard. It’s really hard. Find people with similar interests and network with teams/organizations. It’s a lot of work. From art conceptualization to learning how to use a bot to figure out why Streamlabs isn’t detecting your mic. It’s literally troubleshooting and learning about things you didn’t think you’d need to learn about. Having some computer knowledge goes a long way in getting “Professional.”

I didn’t invest everything right away. Been streaming since June 2015 on three different consoles and its been years and years of trial and error and years and years of investment and buying stuff a little at a time. Any real viewer doesn’t give one shit if you stream via Xbox/PS4 or off a PC. A silent streamer is a boring stream. Fill the dead air with banter with NPCs, BSing about the sports teams in your area or just sing and be silly. At the beginning of streaming, you will be alone a lot. PRACTICE TALKING TO NO ONE! As nutty as it sounds. Because that discourse with no one can make a viewer drop in and laugh, chime in or even the dreaded troll.

Trolls are not an issue and I take a firm stance against them all. BANNED! Why let someone ruin your fun. As a new streamer, you might have a troll make multiple accounts. Keep banning them. It takes you less time to ban a troll than for a troll to make a new account and harass you. And if you are new don’t give up just because you are alone and some troll makes you feel Bad.

If you only play popular games you need to use Twitter and Facebook to your advantage. Get friends and family to support you with Lurks and Follows. Niche titles bring in more devoted followers who tend to enjoy a game a lot and in turn invest their time into you and can move over to other games you play. A Fortnite or PUBG viewer most likely won’t bother to view your stream outside their favorite game. I stress to play what you like no matter what BUT It’s going to be a long, hard journey if you want to play popular games and stream them. You only get what you put into it. Enjoy it and have fun. I can’t stress this one enough. My mantra for every stream is to have fun! Yours should be the same.

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