ForzaRC Invitational 2019 Weekend 3

ForzaRC Invitational 2019 Weekend 3

Weekend three of the ForzaRC was an exciting one to witness. We watched another team catch fire and find their stride showcasing a strong performance after last week’s stumbles. We also got a stellar rematch of Forza’s top two esports teams duking it out as we see Williams Esports vs Lazarus in Match two of the day. Before we dive into week three, we first have to clear up what happened in week two in the second match of the day. There were two controversies and they both helped Redbull Racing secure a strong 109 points last week.  Let’s begin by clearing up the drama surrounding the Forza Race Regulations (FRR) exploit and the departure of SMP from the ForzaRC Invitational.

Shame Shame Shame...Know Your Name!

Last week we saw a big difference in teams participating with the second match of the day only having 9 drivers instead of 12. SMP, the Russian team, withdrew from the series and was a complete no show at last weekend’s online matches. This left a great chance for teams to pad their points and Redbull Racing took no time to show that they were there to surpass Williams in points. They would find success and scored 109 points. RBR b0x looked strong all weekend but on the final lap of the final race at Sebring we catch RBR b0x cheating on the ForzaRC stream. Using an exploit to confuse the FRR in place to penalize track extending aka going past the limits of the track. This results in RBR b0x suffering a stop & go penalty in Redbull Racing’s next match in their very first race. Aaron Mellish addressed the penalty on Tuesdays ForzaRC Inside Line explaining that FRR rules state that you can’t exploit the game or the systems in place. Mellish also informed us that the FRC has said that there will be no more warnings for Breach of Code of Conduct at this year’s event. This violation penalized JOTA Esports and in their next match, they have to forfeit their Boost Upgrades. Williams Esports got their final warning for this violation, as well. Mellish nor the teams have publicly discussed what warranted those violations with Mellish saying “If you want to know go ask [them] because I’m not saying.”

ForzaRC Inside Line

If you tuned in to ForzaRC Inside Line you also heard Mellish speak about the new format and how the Boost Upgrades work. Now with 12 teams, there is no more King of the Hill style format. Instead, the teams have a bracket and each team starting this Weekend has 3 races to score as many points as they can. They also get one dropped round and can drop their lowest score. This week we see the teams competing in this new format in close competitive races based on Racing Saloons: Forza GT Cars, DTM-LITE & Track Specials. I know I keep talking about this handsome bloke Mellish, but we are graced with his analytical expertise this week, as he sits side by side with Brian Mechberg, host of Forza Fridays. Bringing them the talking points we have host analysts Gabby LeTigress this week who was there for the first weekend of the series. They would discuss the events of last week’s controversy before jumping into the new format for the series. The chemistry of these three analysts would shine on all weekend. This is one place we saw the production of the FRC truly shine and it would continue to show strong production values over its four-hour showing.

Watch Week 3 Here

Match 1

Brands Hatch would be the first of three races where we see the Racing Saloons do battle. Bringing us the commentary this week once again is the amazing Alie Taqc & Shea Adams. It is here we see the production values increase once more when our commentators introduce the drivers and who has boost upgrades. The graphics the ForzaRC display are crisp and clean, easy to read. Week after week, we see the team behind the scenes bringing us a clean and well-scripted show. Shea would make her prediction of a Sauber Chemical redemption after last week’s tough series of racing left Chemical wanting more. The real theme of this race wouldn’t just be Sauber Esports but also Mordor Gaming Club (MGC) and their more aggressive approach to this week’s racing. “Who knows what the MGC will do,” said Mechberg after the race. With that being said, MGC Mango would manhandle his way around the first few turns (resulting in a penalty for punting) and we would see Sauber Zoom end up off the track early. MGC Miaow226 would end up stacking the field behind him with his Audi powering down the straights. Forcing the drivers who wanted to pass him to find a subjective line to get around one of the newest competitors in Forza Esports. “This is what we wanted to see.” LZR (Air)ForceOne continues in chat, “Great racing between different divisions.” It was a great race but with the aggressive driving of MGC, the entire team would gt penalties of no less than 45 seconds each. Mango would have a bad race but we would see this change over the next two races. It was a really quiet race for TX3 but we would see TX3 Lightning take the win with Sauber Chemical “punching above his weight” and taking a second-place finish. THR Europa would give plenty of points for THR on the day scoring the most points for the team with his first podium finish coming in at third place after Brands Hatch.

Heading to Suzuka next, we see the race start only for it to be red-flagged halfway into the first lap. TX3 Lightning was a disconnect (DC) from the lobby before the race launched. Rules state that if you aren’t in the lobby when the race starts its an automatic restart. After a complete system reset from TX3 Lightning we would get the second race underway. Alie said that Chemical is punching above his weight and in this second race we see him doing just that as he gets out in front of Lightning and stays there. Sauber also had another fire brewing and we see RBR Laige cheering on Sauber Dave to the exclamation of “Davey is on fire!” Dave would end up in third and by the end of the race he would have to defend THR Rich for three sweaty laps. Mellish said Rich has to believe in himself and I think that his driving in race two should instill a lot of belief in his skill and ability. Defending and attacking at the same time against some very strong competitors on a very narrow and technical track like Suzuka is a great confidence builder. Sauber may have put two men on the podium but we see TX3 Lightning show another strong performance with a second-place finish. At the end of the race, PendaticSquirel would make a great comment about the days racing thus far: “This has been the best lineup of cars that are all relatively close in performance. A lot more close battles than the last 2 weeks.” Looks like the community is truly enjoying this weekend’s offering of competitive racing!

On to Race three, we head back to Hockenheim for the final race of this match. MGC Mango would make one heck of a strong showing with LZR Rosso saying, “Mango has been very impressive today.” It was a clean race and we see MGC come into their own. Mango would soon be caught in the middle of a “Sauber Panini” as Sauber Dave would go on to get his second podium while sitting in third. Sauber Zoom would close the gap making this sandwich even tastier but Mango would hold on to fourth. Sauber finishes strong at one, three and five but this was due to a Lap 5 disconnect from TX3 Lightning. Since it was midrace there would be no restart and Lightning and his mother were not happy. Both blaming the servers for the disconnect issue. This is, unfortunately, one of the issues with online tournaments and has to be accepted as a race incident. Shea Adams makes a valid notion about the days strongest performer, “Sauber was very Willaims like and threw down the gauntlet!” Scoring an outstanding 109 points in a field of 12 drivers (by not taking advantage of FRR exploits.) This is a true testament to the strength of Sauber who went out and beat TX3 who had an incredibly strong showing last week and this week. Chemical and Dave would post big wins and podiums all day long against some exceptionally tough THR & TX3 drivers. And MGC would show up even stronger with each race thus making it one of the best we see in the series. But Match 2 would blow our racing socks and gloves clean off!

Match 2

A lot of the action in the next match is a rematch between Lazarus & Williams Esports. Lazarus’ loud battle cry to the community proclaimed that they were here to win! And this is what I love about LZR ForceOne. It’s how determined he is to come back after defeats or lackluster performances and show us why he is and should be considered one of the greats today and forever. Race one would take place at Yas Marina “The Track Cutter’s Paradise.” We see the roles flip over at Williams with Williams Mitch going to FWD duties and taking the Chezy Cruz, a car that Mellish says lacks in grip and control in the turns. With Mitch tail gunning we see Williams RR at the front duking it out against LZR ForceOne across the next three races. While there was plenty of punching it was a very gentleman like exchange between these two. After much of the chaos that Alien Motorsports (AMS) was caught up in which resulted in AMS Tiqoo getting destroyed and AMS Storm1919 trying out experimental braking lines we see AMS Storm grabbing a podium and take home third for the community team full of young talent itching to show us why AMS shouldn’t be counted out. Lazarus had a great showing and we see Williams falter a bit but not without Williams RR taking home first place and LZR ForceOne right behind him. 

Heading to the GP version of the Nurburgring we get another great rendition of the Roadrunner versus ForceOne theme that really takes the spotlight in match two of the day. We have yet to see the young talent of ForceOne take a win this season and he would spend most of the time in the lead but it would be snatched away from him. Williams RR hunted for the chance to pass him and when he made the move it looked filthy and dirty. We would see a post on Twitter from ForceOne with his perspective of the incident showing Roadrunner hits him due to networking issues. These issues would see FRF Tesla get dropped from the race. Another driver who was hit by disconnection issues during the online portion of the series. Fast Racers Forza (FRF) was looking very strong all day with their drivers. It’s always a shame to see this kind of thing happen but it is part of the game. This did not stop FRF Bull from being the strongest overtaker of the day earning his team the most boosts with three Hard Charger boost rewards. We get another strong performance from AMS Storm1919 who I think has come a long way since his FRC days as Family Dude last year. Williams RR would win this race and LZR ForceOne would be right behind him. Had ForceOne not been “bumped” into a sim twitch you gotta wonder how this would have panned out at the end of the race. FRF Bull would round out the podium coming in third showing another strong FRF performance albeit the disconnect suffered by FRF Tesla.

While we didn’t have Andy Flipmode Berg at the analysts’ desk we did have him in the chat with us. And I think he hit the nail on the head when he made the statement that “The viewers were the winners today.” And after race three I have to completely agree with Andy! Going into La Sarthe aka Le Mans Bugatti aka Bugatti, we get one heck of a mid-pack battle all race long. But it’s the exceptional and continued gentlemen driving of these two frontrunners, Forceone & Roadrunner, that outshines even the other two races! Lazarus’ ForceOne was looking for a win but Williams RR wasn’t wanting to give that to him. Eventually, ForceOne would get out in front of RR and the rest of the race we see the Williams driver attack and the Lazarus driver defending. At one point we have the two side by side coming out of the final turn in identical cars built slightly different. With nothing but respect and admiration being shown by these two drivers and the chat. Moderator Dino_Dad_Shadow would comment about “2 of the best showing why they are here” with Tezarous aka SVR Brexit saying we just watched “2 of the elites side by side.” In the end, ForceOne would prevail and get his first win of the series thus beating Williams RR with impeccable defending, resolve and determination! Nothing but mutual respect and love was shown by the two in Twitch chat post-race. FRF Bull would take yet another third-place finish and round out the podium. The community was welcoming and showed their jubilation too. It’s these moments that really make the Forza community amazing and exciting to be a part of. To write about it is easy but to explain how it makes you feel to see these young drivers find success and to hit their strides is hard. It’s an experience unlike any other in video games. These battles and these victories are what the drivers, the FRC, and the community come back to every weekend to experience. 

Final Lap

With this being a much closer battle between Lazarus and Williams Esports. LZR edged out Williams by three points this week! ForceOne & Roadrunner are at the top echelon of Forza esports and gave us one delightful show for three races. Be sure to check out the ForzaRC on twitter for updates on drivers, standings, finishing results and plenty of links and information from the analysts and commentators. Check out the Forza channel on Twitch where I will be for every round or Mixer if you prefer that platform. Its once again my pleasure to bring you the action and even more community commentary, as well. I hope to see you at the next match and if not I got you covered in my highlights of the community and action on the track. 

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