Game Pass Quick Look | Supermarket Shriek

Game Pass Quick Look | Supermarket Shriek

At E3 2019, Microsoft gave Game Pass a shot to the arm with the announcement of future titles coming to the service, but also announced many games that would be available on Game Pass on that same day. Today we are taking a quick look at one of those games, Supermarket Shriek. My take on the game is located at the end.

The Facts, Nothing but the Facts...

Supermarket Shriek was developed by Belfast based Billy Goat Entertainment LTD. The official Fact Sheet list the following…


Supermarket Shriek is a unique (shopping) kart racer where an unlikely duo (a man and a goat) find themselves in a trolley, navigating through various obstacle courses and challenges situated inside a range of shops, boutiques, and supermarkets. Because, why not? Furthermore, movement is controlled by our hero’s voice, or more specifically, their wild incomprehensible screaming. Propel our protagonists using a gamepad in single player or play our unique co-op mode with dual microphones for an experience like no other!


Story Mode 32 single player/ co-op levels

Unique two-button control scheme (single player)

Even more unique single button control scheme (co-op)

Even, even more unique “Duet” microphone control scheme (also co-op, but more mad)

8 Player Party Mode

(If you’re reading this list not so) Secret parody levels

Online leaderboards and downloadable ghosts


Awards & Recognition:

Winner: UKIE Game of the Show” Gamescom, August 2018

“Nominated: Indie Showcase” Develop:Brighton, July 2018

“Winner: Best Social Game” Game Connection Paris, October 2017

The Gallery...

My take on it...

I wasn’t that interested when I first saw Supermarket Shriek announced as being available on Game Pass. My first thought was that this was just another Goat Simulator. I am happy that I was wrong. This game is surprisingly fun and addicting. The game keeps adding to the challenges it throws at you while you continue to try to adapt to this very unique control system that has been implemented.

In single-player mode, you use the left and right shoulder buttons to make the corresponding character shriek. This shriek will propel that side forward causing the player to turn left or right, or straight when pushed simultaneously. When playing in co-op mode, you and the other player will control a single character. This requires communication between the two players and often leads to hilarity and/or a lot of blaming each other. I can’t tell you how my younger cousin and I laughed at the carnage we produced while playing in co-op mode. The levels do not make the challenging controls any easier either. 

The developers keep things interesting by keeping all the levels interesting with great visual aesthetics and challenging layouts. If you’re not fighting the clock you are fighting the obstacles around you. And normally it’s both. My favorite level is the arcade at the beginning of the game. It looks great and the way the obstacles are set up just made it flow really well. We normally had to play each level a few times to get the required stars to progress to the next area. The game remained challenging but never felt stale because of this. I myself enjoyed the challenge and will be playing a lot more. If you have Game Pass I highly recommend giving it a download. It’s a fun game and very family friendly. If you do not have Game Pass it is something to look into with the current offer of $1 to try it out. If you click on any of the Game Pass links in this article you will be taken to another page to explain Game Pass and Sign up. These are affiliate links and I will receive a small compensation from you signing up. Full disclosure is always the best way. 

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