Grass Cutter-Mutated Lawns | Review

Grass Cutter-Mutated Lawns | Review

Grass Cutter was originally a cell phone game that has been ported to consoles by Sometimes You. They have ported many successful games to consoles, such as the amazing OVIVO. Is this game going to be another one of those instant classics? Will Grass Cutter make you want to do yard work again? I’ll give you my opinions, but first let us take a look at what this game is all about. 

Main Features

• Feel yourself in the shoes of a lawnmower who saves the world of people.
• More than 10 types of lawn mutations that give you a real challenge.
• 5 types of insidious bosses with unique abilities
• A lot of obstacles
• Blow, shoot, destroy and get rid of obstacles’ debris to clear your way
• You don’t want ordinary lawn mowers? You can play with animals. There are many animals in the game: from cows and sheep to beautiful fairy unicorns.
• Upgrade the skill system, and they will make you stronger, provide an additional chance to win in case of looming defeat, and also increase your income from victories!
• The world around us is quite alive, sometimes it reacts to what is happening, and sometimes conceals its secrets and mysteries

The Plot

Xtract Grass company develops a new kind of grass for lawns. The project is based on the experimental “leavenatine” substance that accelerates the growth of grass and guarantees a luxurious lawn in no time!

Xtract Grass Company released the product, without the necessary tests.
The lawns bring huge profits, but the CEO of Xtract Grass has no idea about the error that was already made and about the approaching apocalypse.

Too much of “leavenatine” was added to the DNA of the grass. Lawn monsters are want to enslave the entire world! Burning or eliminating monsters using conventional methods is not possible. Bodies of the monsters are full of components that infect other plants. There is only one way out: all Grass Xtract lawns must be cut!

My Take

Grass Cutter – Mutated Lawn, is a decently fun game. It seems like a cell phone game all the way. Sometimes You did a really good job at redesigning the controls for the console. On console, the game has pretty tight controls. The level design is well done and the variety of weapons keep adding new ways to figure out the best way to deal with the enemies as solve the puzzles.

This game won’t be for everyone. If you like mobile gaming you will like this game, I believe. You can check it on the play store here for free. If you like it, go ahead and get it on your console of choice. I tried it on the Xbox but it might be a better fit for the Switch. Games like this shine on mobile because they can be played anywhere when you need to kill a little time. That is why I think if you are going to get this game, the Switch would be a better choice due to the ability to be more mobile. 

Thank you for reading. The game releases on July 10th and is available for preorder now. If you have an Indie Game you would like covered or content that you would like published, click here. We are always looking for content creators and community managers. 


“That is all, game on!”

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