HAPPYGAME High-Back XL Gaming Chair | Budget Review

HAPPYGAME High-Back XL Gaming Chair | Budget Review

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Back in the day, it was a Wednesday...

So I had to finally bite the bullet, I needed to finally replace my computer chair. This is something I have put off for a very long time. You see, I had my last chair since 2005. Yes, you read that right. I kept this poor broken down office chair with me for over 14 years. Those 14 years were not kind to the chair or my back and the old gluteus maximus. It traveled across the country with me as I PCS’d (Permanent Change of Station) and set empty for months on end during multiple deployments. No one dared sit it in while I was gone for fear of serious bodily injury or death due to complete catastrophic failure of the chair. Man, it was in worse shape than a Bethesda and EA title at launch, combined. 

I was later injured in the line of duty and this only aggravated the aches and pains associated with sitting in the old chair. It even got to the point I avoided sitting at the computer altogether. I mostly stopped playing all PC games and converted to console only. This also led to most of my work-related task being completed with my phone or tablet, when the task would allow it. Every gamer knows that console gaming isn’t the same thing as getting to play certain games on PC. 

So why didn’t I just buy a new chair before now? Cost, to be completely honest. I am a big guy and chairs for larger people are very expensive…and rare to be honest with you. While I was shopping for a chair, I was constantly looking in the specs to see what the max load on the chairs was stated as. Surprisingly most chairs stop at a recommended weight of 185. But what I found even more interesting was that a lot of the chairs that billed themselves as being for “Big&Tall” gamers capped out around the 250-pound range. Then I found the HAPPYGAME XL Chair. It looked good, had a good set of specs. But most importantly it was priced right.

Straight to the Brass Tax...

I am going to get right to the budget part. You have 3 main choices on where you can get your chair. I purchased this chair from Amazon for $200. This price also included 2-day shipping [Amazon price now shows $219]. This is also the highest priced option that I found. Due to not knowing how I would like the chair, I figured for a few more dollars, Amazon’s return policies could prove to be very handy. 

Wal-Mart has the same chair available for $199 through its second party sells. Going this way gets a better price by a few dollars. You will also get free shipping, but not 2-day shipping if that is a concern. The big set back I saw with this option was having to deal with a second party return policy if I decided to return the chair. A good deal but not the cheapest option.

If you really are wanting to penny pinch and don’t mind waiting for a lunar cycle or 2 to get your chair, you go straight through the factory.  Huzhou Onsun Furniture Co., Ltd. has them available for $80-$100. Now not only are shipping times delayed, but this also presents other logistics issues. Prices are not always what they seem. Sometimes you are required to buy a certain amount to receive that price. International shipping can be another issue. But if you are willing to put in the work, this might be the way to go for true budget gamers. 

The Tale of theTape...

Right up front, I have to tell you. this is a big chair. To put it in Geek Speak…this thing would be called the “BFC” if it somehow spawned into the world of Doom.  And this is expected since it is an XL chair. This beast weighs almost 60 pounds after being assembled and a lot of that weight comes from the steel frame inside. 

The frame gives a great feel to the chair when sitting in the chair. Most of the chairs I was able to try felt flimsy when I would sit in them, even the ones designed for XL gamers in mind. The HAPPYGAME chair feels solid when you sit down. It stays in place due to this weight and rolls smoothly when needed, thanks to the heavy-duty wheels. 

The chair does have a variable seat height like most gaming chairs. I am 6′ tall and sitting in this chair at the lowest setting(16.92″) is perfect for me. With almost 4 more inches of travel, this chair can accommodate gamers a lot taller. So this raised the question, how would this affect gamers shorter than 6′?

To check this out I commandeered the assistance of my wife and a few other people who came by. My beautiful wife is 5’3” and small frame, the complete opposite of me. She said that the lowest setting actually felt well for her. She was also really happy about the width. If she wants she can actually sit with her legs up in the chair and be all bundled in a blanket. I have actually walked in to see this many times. Thanks to the included footrest I can lounge too.

As a big guy, I never trusted most chairs to hold up when reclining. This one is different. I can pull out the footrest and put my feet up. Then adjust the back rest to the preferred position. Final thing is to adjust my armrest and I’m off gaming comfortably. 

The two armrests are adjustable up and down, as well as rotatable in both directions. This is really nice to fit your gaming style. If you are a laid back reclining gamer, you can have them turned to provide elbow support while you game. If leaning in and being focused is your style, you can rotate them in the opposite direction to continue providing elbow support.


My 2 Cents...

The only issue I have had with this chair was due to a 3-year-old little goblin who decided to make a My Little Pony toy disappear. She decided to wedge it into the plastic cover that covers the hinge on one side of the chair. When I pulled the lever and leaned back, it cracked thanks to the extra tension from the Pony accessory. So in that respect… Toddler 1 – HAPPYGAMER 0. Personally, I won’t hold that against the manufacturer. Other than that it’s been smooth gaming and typing…a lot of typing.

I would recommend this chair to anyone looking for an XL chair, budget or not. My only suggestion is to buy it from a retailer with a good return policy. No matter how comfortable this chair is to me or anyone else I had sit in it, it might not be for you. That has always been a concern of mine when buying big purchases online. You won’t truly know if this is the right chair for you until you are sitting in it, but I’m positive it’s the right price. 

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