We noticed Peanut one day in our Twitter feed and it grabbed our attention. The color palette and designed seemed very vibrant. So, we reached out to the developer to see what we could find out about this upcoming Indie release. Spikkee described their new platformer as…

Peanut is a small cute corgi with an adventurous attitude. A classically styled 2D platform adventure game with an indie zest with an intriguing storyline. The niche with this game is the story is not explicitly told to the player but instead leaves key pieces of information in the form on enemies and obstacles; as with life much of it is complex. There however is a light touch of a story to gameplay as players want to play first and then figure out what is going on. Hopefully, there is a good balance, too much storyline and a game die of a thousand cuts, too little and there is no intrigue. Peanut comes home to find is BAE was gone and a ransom note from the evil Veronica Vet. To thwart his archenemy, he must travel the world and undo what the Vet has done and gained back the love of his life! Along the way, he questions the places and characters that he encounters and why BAE was taken from him in the first place. If you love classic platformers than this should be ideal for a nostalgic thrill spliced with aesthetic levels combined with an intriguing story, some of which requires your interpretation. Unlike most Indie games that are ‘2D’ (actually 2.5) this is trying to capture something from yesteryear and add a slight hint of spice to it. The princess may be in another castle but why? 45 Levels of gameplay with level completion that must be carried out before the time limit. not a puzzle platformer, more a puzzling story platformer or corginoir (if there was little to no noir in it). Level by level you get closer to BAE and closer to the truth.

Here are some screenshots from the game.

We are currently playing the BETA version and are having a lot of fun. The game is set to release on May 14th of 2019. We will release a full review at launch. The art style is very interesting and we can’t wait to dive into more. Below is some gameplay video for you to enjoy. The frame rate is not the best in the video, but I can testify that in-game frame rates are a lot better. I guess the compression uploading to YouTube caused this.

We have 2 codes for a free copy of this game at launch. If you would like to win one all you need to do is like, follow, and retweet the Twitter post for this article. This will get you 1 entry. If you comment in the comments you will receive another entry. Finally, you can earn 1 more entry by sharing to social media via the share buttons below. Drawing will be prior to launch. 

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“That is all, game on!”

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