Indie Preview | SuperMegaSpaceBlasterSpecial

Indie Preview | SuperMegaSpaceBlasterSpecial

Bare Knuckle Development is excited to announce that his feature-packed retro space shooter solo project, Super Mega Space Blaster Special, available June 18th, for purchase on Steam for 0.99 USD. Warm up your thumbs for some frantic retro space blasting. Get that nostalgic feeling of ‘Just one more go!’ Grab a mate, plug in your joypads and remember to blink as you blast your way to the boss. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as beating your last score or blasting your buddies into space dust. This easy to play hard to master space blaster offers three original game modes to keep you and friends coming back for more. For less than a dollar, you couldn’t ask for more ‘pew pew’ for your buck!

-Ste Wilson of Bare Knuckle Development

About Bare Knuckle Development

Bare Knuckle Development is a small indie (two person) game studio based in Manchester in the United Kingdom. They have worked on a number of projects for/with other studios and have just released their first solo game on Steam called Super Mega Space Blaster Special. They will then return to developing The Flawless: Art’s Tale, a Metroidvania hack ‘n’ shoot action-RPG for PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam.

Game Overview

A modern take on the retro arcade shoot ’em up (shmup). Super Mega Space Blaster Special is an addictive, fast-paced space shooter with bullet hell elements. Blast your way through 3 modes; managing fuel and ammo in ‘Survival Mode’, protecting your mothership from damage in ‘Protect Mother Mode’, and blasting your friends into space dust in the local competitive multiplayer ‘To The Death Mode’. 

Play with a friend in local co-op and work together to take out the aliens. Collect coins to unlock more space blasters and get higher scores. Use each space blaster’s strengths to your advantage from turrets that allow twin-stick control, too fast maneuverable ships that can outrun your foes. Arm yourself to the teeth with awesome power-ups like big-bombs, homing missiles, and lasers. Destroy the alien boss and continue the endless gameplay to rack up a massive score and become the ultimate space blaster pilot and top the leaderboards.

The Story

The year is 2051, the Earth is in ruin; a barely inhabitable polluted mess of smog and tar. A huge unmanned spaceship, launched by mankind years earlier as a last-ditch attempt to survive, has found a possible inhabitable planet and is under attack from its residents. That’s where you come in pilot! From earth, you must remotely control one of the giant ship’s space blasters and annihilate the alien threat so that humanity can continue. The survival of humankind is in your hands pilot. Don’t let us down!


  • Fast-paced addictive shmup gameplay with bullet hell elements.
  • 3 play modes give varied gameplay and replay-ability. From the struggle for fuel and ammo in ‘Survival Mode’ (coop or single player), to the battle to keep your mother-ship in one piece in ‘Protect Mother’ (co-op or single player), to the frantic race to wipe out your opponent in the local multiplayer mode – ‘To The Death’ (2 player only).
  • Play alone in single player or with a friend in the local co-op or local competitive multiplayer.
  • Collect coins to unlock all 10 space blasters (ships) each with their own perks. From fast ships for darting around to slower ships that allow precision aiming.
  • Some space blasters have turrets turning the game into a twin-stick shooter.
  • Loads of awesome power-up weapons to help you take down your enemies including lasers, homing missiles, and multi-shot.
  • Collectables to aid you in your mission. Big-bombs wipe-out nearby enemies, shields help you survive longer, and magnets drag fuel and ammo towards you.
  • Endless high-score chasing gameplay with over 15 enemies and a boss for those who can score high enough (gameplay continues after the boss).
  • Over 20 in-game challenges to help you gain coins and develop your space blaster piloting skills.
  • More than 20 Steam achievements.
  • Simple hand-drawn art-style allows you to easily pick out the foes amongst the asteroids.
  • Inspired by both games of yesteryear like Asteroids, Super Fantasy Zone, and Galaga, and modern games like Bit Blaster XL and Super Stardust HD.
  • Compete to be the greatest space blaster pilot in the Steam Leaderboards.
  • Steam Cloud support.
  • Full joypad (controller) support including button images for Xbox controllers, PlayStation 4 (DualShock 4) controllers, and Nintendo Switch Pro controllers.
  • 9 AI voices to use for in-game messages.
  • Play along to the pumping ’80s inspired synth-based original soundtrack by Electric Fan Death.

My Thoughts

Bare Knuckle reached out to us with a code so that we could try the game out prior just prior to launch. This does not affect the opinions or views on the experience of this game. We will also purchase a key(s) and gift it to a follower(s) of our community. With that out of the way, time for my thoughts. It is simple and fun. It reminded me of a beefed up Astroids, and I liked it. Super Mega Space Blaster Special (SMSBS from here out) kept me playing over and over again. I basically spent my time in the main mode trying to hit that number one spot on the leader board (#9 @ time of publishing). Or at least I did until I started chasing the achievements and getting into the gameplay more.

The game plays well with a controller and also with a keyboard. I personally preferred the gamepad option. It just felt right and I couldn’t see playing two players without one. The game controls are simple and easy to pick up. The added mechanic of when and on what you use your combo points adds a nice simple layer of strategy. 

SMSBS is only 99 cents and well worth it to me. There is no deep story arc or a massive open world. It is a simple fun game to waste some time with. Do I think we will see more added to this game as time goes on? I hope so. The studio is currently working on The Flawless: Art’s Tale. This is the studio’s main area of focus with releases planned on Switch, PS4, and Steam (Windows | Linux | Mac). Bare Knuckle Developing is stating a release date of 2020. But as the game develops a following, I can see these guys adding request in here and there. Watch the video below and see if SMSBS is worth the 99 cents to you.

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“That is all, game on!”

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