Late Microtransactions

Late Microtransactions

Some Triple AAA gaming companies recently have put in late microtransaction sales of loot boxes. What this means is that companies promise there will be no loot boxes or another kind of microtransaction when the game launches. The companies say not just at launch but not any loot boxes at all in the lifespan of the game. However, most of some do just say at launch to avoid being sued. Gaming companies know about the pre-bad press of loot boxes and bad microtransactions are so they will wait until time has passed then put these things in later.

What made want to write this and make this known is what Activision did recently in Black Ops 4. It did not come out with loot boxes but was added in later to avoid the so-called bad press so people will buy at launch. Gamers are fed up the lies AAA gaming companies tell their customers, even the diehard COD players. I’m glad they are listening to their customers about the campaign of the new Modern Warfare game coming soon; however, they can change things later on in automatic updates. The current look of Black Ops 4 multiplayer makes the future of Modern Warfare look concerning and don’t forget they come out with a COD every year so they may not do that much and make more promises next year.

It seems like we are being conned like a cable company telling us we are going to get a flat rate per month but later on it will go up to five percent. We complain and they will say, you didn’t read the fine print even though they said it would not increase before.

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