Paw Patrol: On A Roll! Review

Paw Patrol: On A Roll! Review

Paw Patrol: On a Roll! is exactly what you think it is going to be.  It is a continuance of the popular TV on Nickelodeon.  And very sadly,  I must admit something that troubles me. Honestly, saying it won’t bother me as much as just admitting that I actually know this. They do I great job of keeping to the shows “Lore”.  You see, I am a father of two very young children and my oldest bleeds this show. One day while talking to my wife about games that were due to come out, I mentioned this game and my daughters mutant like hearing

kicked from the other side of the house. It was then that I knew this game would be gracing one of the consoles in my house. My daughter is very young gravitates toward the switch so that is the way went. And I must say that Paw Patrol: On A Roll! is a perfect game for the Nintendo Switch. Plus I looked at as an opportunity to play the game and report back to other parents about games that they really might care about, but their kids will. I guess this is the burden of being a GamerDad

Paw Patrol: On A Roll! is available on the “Big 3” systems( Xbox/PS4/Switch). The game is created with the Unity game engine. This does not hinder the graphics of the game and actually keeps the gameplay in line with the type of ascetics that your kids are used to seeing in the series. The controls are entry-level basic and the game does a great deal of hand-holding along the way. The use of verbal cues from Ryder (such as when collectibles are around or reminding to get all of the Pup Treats to earn rewards) or prompting visual cues on screen. 

There is not much variety amongst the levels. While the atmosphere of the levels do change the levels feel like the ones completed beforehand. You will jump, climb or swim to collect Pup Treats and Golden Paw Prints. You will use each characters special powers to solve very easy puzzles. You will get to call other pups in to assist in getting the mission done and you will pull a lot of ropes. And I mean you will do this a lot. And that is not a bad thing. this is a game for young kids and that repetitiveness will help them get basic game controls down. 

Your kids will get to play as all eight of their favorite heroes along with all of the other regulars from Adventure Bay stopping in for brief cameos. This will keep your kids entertained if they are fans of the show. Any parent that has kids that are fans of Paw Patrol know how addicting it can be to kids so the replay-ability potential for this game is high. The voice acting is spot on to the shows and as mentioned the graphics, while not great, follow the aesthetic of the show. This, I believe, is important with any licensed game on the market. If you have a certain look and quality, then maintain that standard across the board. 

If you have small children that you want to get started into gaming, this might be the right entry point. Paw Patrol: On The Roll, has super easy controls and guides the player along the way to keep the player from getting stuck. The quest line is simple and keeps the attention of the smallest players, provided they are fans of the pups from Adventure Bay. Players will get to be eight different pups across sixteen different levels for roughly three and a half hours of saving Adventure Bay.

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