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Welcome to the first of an ongoing series we like to call REDBOX Reviews. We rent a video game from a Redbox and play it for the allotted amount of time. Then we decide if it is worth buying right away, renting again, wait for it to go on sale, or just stay away. These are not comprehensive reviews. They are just an opinion on the first impressions we have of the title. Full reviews will be posted after the games have been completed.

What is Rage 2

RAGE 2 is based in a dystopian world devoid of society, law, and order. Kind of like what you would imagine a bad acid trip at Burning Man to look like. The developers use the tag line “RAGE 2 brings together a true open world FPS experience where you can go anywhere, shoot anything, and explode everything”. And for the most part, that is an accurate description. RAGE 2 takes place thirty years after the conclusion of the first RAGE game. Don’t worry…you don’t need to have played the first one to understand what’s going on, they do a good job of backtracking at the beginning for the new players of the franchise. 


The plot is very original…30 years after RAGE, everyone dies that could fight the bad guys so you are humanity’s last hope. You will get superpowers that you never knew existed and weapons that destroy everything in sight. As the “Super Ranger”, you will do many quests of going here and there…killing stuff…collecting stuff…and killing stuff. You will receive help from an underground resistance of types that are hell-bent on saving humanity. Well, as long as you do their quest lines. The player can even become a Reality TV star! It isn’t your good looks that will make you a star, it’s your combat skills that will do that.


Combat is one of the areas that shine in RAGE2. I wasn’t joking earlier when I called the player a “Super Ranger”. Between the crazy overpowered ARC weapons that you find and your Nanotrites, the player can lay waste to any hostile force in the game. The most devastation comes when you use your Nanotrites powers along with those wonderful weapons to create amazing combos and fill your OverDrive Meter. Once you fill this meter you can go into an overdrive mode. This mode gives your weapons an added effect and refills health to the player. I didn’t play the full game yet but I did unlock about half the weapons and a few of the Nanotrites powers and I already felt unstoppable. The game encourages you to run and gun. As you kill enemies they drop FeltriteFeltrite is an in-game currency as well as your health. So when running in gun blazing you get health from dead enemies as long as you collect the Feltrite before it disappears. So yes, combat is fun and there is a lot of it in this open world game.

The World/Graphics

The world is big and beautiful. The five of the six different biomes I visited all looked unique and separate from the others. Honestly, there are moments that this game looks beautiful and stunning. Then, there are some points that the game falls flat graphically. Some textures just feel flat and dull. This is normally just a problem with structures. The lighting and particle effects are on point from what I saw in my play time. Now, this doesn’t deal with the graphics, but I had one major issue in the open world…and that was the SFXSFX was good in most areas but I can’t get over the squishy desert! When running through the open world in the desert environments I noticed it sounded like I was running through mud. Odd since I was in the desert. I noticed it happened when I was running in or close to areas with ground foliage. Once I got to the Wetlands I started hearing this SFX again, but it made sense here. I believe that they used assets that were designed for the wetlands and forgot to remove or replace the collision SFX that were applied to them for the Wetland environment. Yes I know it sounds minor…but it was annoying after noticing. One way around that annoyance would be driving.

Sorry, no UBER in this apocalypse

I am going to be upfront, I do not like the driving aspect of this game. The vehicles are cool and varied. You can upgrade them to be unstoppable tanks like yourself. You can use them to complete missions or pull up to an area and use your onboard weapons to clear the area without even leaving your vehicle. All of this sounds great and is great…but the actually driving was boring at best. Now, this is just my opinion, I didn’t like the driving mechanics of CrackDown3 (click for review) either. As a tool to just traverse the world it was fine. But when you make it a part of the main story arc, you need to make sure it is tight and flows well enough to where it doesn’t hamper the flow of progression within the story. That’s why I just flew everywhere once I got my Icarus. If you do not like driving I suggest you go straight for this vehicle. 

Overall thoughts

I like this game. It is fun to play and easy to just pick up and play. The story is not that deep and that’s ok.  I’m kind of wondering how much actual content is in the game. I rented this for three days from the Redbox and dint get to play it on each of those days and got really close to completing the main story. Yes, it does have side missions such as bounties, but I think that might get old quick once the main story is done. My suggestion is to go to a Redbox and rent it for yourself…see what you think. You can do a three or one-day rental. As for me, I’m going to buy it. But I’m going to buy it used. $60 dollars to me is too much for what I’m afraid will be limited content. So Redbox, how much for me to just keep this copy? That’s right, you can buy used games from the Redbox also.

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