SteamWorld Dig2 | Review

SteamWorld Dig2 | Review

Hey, guys Meffistoe here and today I’ll go over a game that is in a genre I have not played in, in years. It’s a platformer and it’s called SteamWorld Dig 2. SteamWorld Dig 2 is the latest game in a series of games by Image&Form all revolving the same steam robot universe. It is a platformer with treasure Hunter elements and puzzle solving. I dare say it has some elements of Zelda in terms of self-contained puzzles in a specific area and secret rooms that are dotted around the outside world.

The Story

Let’s delve deeper and start with the story. I have not played the other games in the series so I have no idea if it’s a continuous storyline so I’ll treat it as a contained story. You play a steam bot called Dot and you find out that your friend Rusty is missing and you set off to find him. Along the way you find out there is a mysterious cult a foot trying to do, God knows what. You arrive at a weird little town that is suffering from earthquakes and closing of their mines. You’re recruited to help in exchange for information to the whereabouts of Rusty. The story evolves later on with uncovering new information and digging deeper and deeper into the earth. It’s a cool little story that quickly immerses you in and gives you a good reason for treasure hunting.

The Look

As for the look, I love the cartoony over the top look of the game. The game seems like it’s old school but everything is rendered perfectly in full HD and it was a joy to play. The world looks like it was created out of a steampunk Western era. Not that it exists, well now it does.

Game Play

Gameplay wise this is not a typical platformer the way I remember them. I mean the last time I played platformers was back in the Super Mario and wonder boy days. But this game isn’t like those or even like new platformers’ like Ori and the blind forest. You have a huge map and the way you traverse it is through digging your way through it. On the way, you find gems, monsters, and traps. Plus the usual things you would expect out of a platformer. Secret room with collectible should you wish to 100% the game. And puzzle rooms that hide abilities and special upgrade items called cogs.

I wanna stop here and explain. You start the game with basic abilities, a pickaxe, and a backpack. As you progress through the game you gain more and more abilities like sticky bombs, grappling hook and a jackhammer. Every ability can be upgraded with money you earn by delivering the gems you mine to the dealer at the town. But there is a separate upgrading system that uses cogs. The cogs you gain by solving puzzles or finding secret rooms and passages.

The cog system just adds a layer of gameplay to the game and you can pick what cogs to invest in that suit your own gameplay. There are a few more elements to the game but I will leave you guys the chance to discover them as the game progresses slowly at first, sort of like a tutorial but not really.


In conclusion, what a lovely little game. I did not expect to enjoy it but the more I played it the more I fell in love with it. I’m a terrible platformer but I figured stuff out and felt great doing it. Music and sound effects are good and not intrusive. The graphical style is unique and cartoony. The story is generic but it captures you really early. The game is out on the PC, the Switch, the 3DS, and just released on Xbox Game Pass. I had a lot of fun with it and I hope you’ll give it a try. I’m going to give this game 8/10. Feel free to watch the video review below.

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