SteamWorld Quest | Review

SteamWorld Quest | Review

Hi guys Meffistoe here and today I’ll review a brand new game from the Steam world universe entitled Eye of Gilgamech. This new title is a sort of a dungeon crawler meets Darkest Dungeon meets Hearthstone. I played this game on my first playthrough on stream and a little bit on the side. Let’s dive straight into it with the story of the game.

The Story

In our world, the void was banished by the great hero Gilgamech who severed the heart of the dark beast and tore it asunder. We play Armilly and Copernica a couple of friends out in the woods in search of a mushroom for Copernica’s Alchemy studies. After encountering a mighty beast we return to our village only to find it was under attack by a mysterious army and our adventure really begins.

Game Play | Combat

From here we move smoothly into the gameplay which. You essentially have control of 1 character be it Armilly or Copernica and other heroes that will join you later. The player may move at will in a room and can interact with objects within the room.

The story takes you through a series of rooms which are your dungeon. Whether or not you are out in the open village or down in a cave it is still a sort of a dungeon. As you traverse the world you might encounter opposition. If you are quick enough you might actually land the first hit. That might give you an edge at the start. This brings us the meat and potatoes of the gameplay. The combat, you have a deck which you edit when not in combat. From that, you draw several cards. Of those cards, you can use 3 cards each turn in order to damage your opponent.

There is a distinction between the cards of course. You have your standard damage dealers, heals, buffs and debuffs.  But there is the element of the steam pressure, as it is called in the game. Basically your mana bar. Some cards build steam and some spend it. Usually, the mana spender cards do more damage, heal more, etc. There are some cards that do not spend mana or steam but are considered mana spenders. But there are mana builder or steam building cards you can use and the whole point is to wisely build and spend mana strategically according to the threat facing you.

Along with your deck of cards, you have consumables you can use mid-combat and equipment. This equipment can buff your stats or contribute to your gameplay because

If you use 3 cards of the same color you activate a chain which gives you an automated extra action according to the equipment you possess. For instance Galleo, the third hero to join our story is a classic support class that does fair damage and can heal. His first weapon when you succeed in chaining 3 spells, gives him the Guardian spell which heals the entire group by a little and increases the armor by a factor of 1.

I have to say that the chain pulled me out if a tight spot more than once.

One last thing to mention before I’ll give you my opinion is the fact that sprinkled around the map are hidden treasures, mini-bosses and healing statues which act like a save point and the game encourages you to explore the map and find all of the hidden places.

My Opinion

Once again I am pleasantly surprised by a game from the SteamWorld universe. The last game I played from this universe was SteamWorld Dig 2 which was in a completely different genre. This combination of darkest dungeon and card game didn’t initially grab me by the nuts. But by the second or third combat, I was in. the game unfolds and becomes more and more complex as you go deeper and deeper into the story. In every map, you discover where the best save points are and how each encounter should be met. You don’t have a permanent death like Darkest Dungeon but there is always a sense of urgency since you don’t get too full health after every single encounter. I always prolonged fights that seemed 3 or 4 moves away from victory just to make sure my guys are topped off in order to make sure I can meet the next encounter fully prepared and to use the least amount of healing statues which sadly revive some of your enemies back.

As the game slowly evolves in difficulty so do your characters plus you’ll collect more as you progress through the story and you’ll have to make hard choices. Which heroes should I take? what equipment should I use? Should Copernicia go with a frost build or a fire build?  All these questions are explored and contribute to an immersive RPG dungeon crawler. I felt the progression was on the money and I enjoyed the story.

SteamWorld games have their charm with subtle humor and loads of puns.

There’s always great interaction between the characters each with its own unique stereotype. And they play off each other all the time. My only gripe with the game is the fact that there is voice over for the characters. I found myself more than once skipping dialog because I couldn’t be arsed to read the captions on the screen. It slowed the game for me. It’s really minor I know but in terms of immersion, I would like to have had distinct voices to all the distinct characters.

The game is also pretty cheap and it just came out a few days ago as of recording this video. So all in all a solid game and I’m giving it an 8/10 Meffy score.

Hope you get to try this game, I enjoyed it very much and I hope you’ll enjoy it too.

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