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Welcome to the new standard of wireless on XboxOne the Steel Series, Arctis 9X. Lightweight but with a solid construction, not flimsy at all. I have a large head and was pleasantly surprised at how well they fit. Easy setup connects in seconds with Xbox wireless support. Clear crisp clean sound, adjustable EQ settings via connecting to pc. The bass hits well and also picks up footsteps, stray shots and all the other intricate precision sounds needed for extreme gamers wanting it all. The mic works great and keeps a secure connection the entire time. Two separate dial wheels for adjusting volume and for game/chat. The comfortable goggle suspension headband makes it feel like you are wearing practically nothing at all. Ultra comfort with amazing Xbox green accents. Amazing 20-hour battery life. I was also impressed with the connect ports, they all insert solid and firmly. Easy mute button and/or retractable mic to stow position. At the price point of 200 dollars, I feel this is more than fair for this amazing headset. If you are looking for a great wireless headset then look no further. 

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