Streamer Spotlight

Streamer Spotlight

Started streaming:

March 2019

Favorite game genre:

Kirsten – Action RPG’s

Tyler –  plays a lot of different genres (Says that he doesn’t really have a favourite)

Favorite game:

Kirsten – Horizon Zero Dawn (Overwatch is definitely growing on me)

Tyler’s – Farcry 3 (but if you’re looking for current it’s likely NHL19)

Systems you play on:


Platforms you stream on:

Recommended Streamer(s):


Kirsten – 22

Tyler – 24


Ontario Canada

Current Job/Industry

Kirsten – Retail

Tyler –  glass shower company

How did you two get into Streaming?

What made us decide to start streaming was that we watched a lot of achievement hunter and always enjoyed watching them play games. I guess I always wanted to make people laugh the way they do hahaha. Then my coworker mentioned that she streams and encouraged me to try it and see if I liked it.

Have you two run into any obstacles when it comes to Streaming? If so what did you guys do to overcome them?

Just mostly the same as everyone else lol, people trolling in the stream and making sexist comments, etc. Honestly, we started with such a good community of streaming friends that we really didn’t care what the trolls thought. We had so much support and advice from people that we just didn’t pay it any attention.

One of your favorite Stream memories?

My favorite memory from a past stream would have to be when we were  games with our community, it was just a lot of fun and everyone was laughing so much.

What type of things do you do when it comes to Streaming that makes you guys unique?

We don’t really do a lot of unique things for our streams other than stream together. I find that we’re one of few streaming couples that actually play and stream together and we both enjoy it, so it creates a nice dynamic where we’re almost welcoming our viewers into the family. Other than that I really just stream a variety of games so there’s something for everyone.

Being Streamers that are married and also stream together is very unique. How is that?

Being married and streaming has its ups and downs, lol. Like, we enjoy playing video games together but it’s hard to find a balance between streaming and actually just spending time together. So a lot of nights I find we’re just playing video games and not really talking to each other. But it also does create a fun dynamic when playing because you always have someone to talk to/banter with on stream.

What do you believe has attributed to your success when it comes to Streaming?

Our success so far, I believe, is due to our streaming friends supporting us and just networking. We try really hard to get our channel out there and just supporting other streamers. In return, you make friends that always want to come back and hang out in your streams.

Any tips or advice for other Streames?

Tips I would give the community is to definitely start networking and not looking at your viewers as a number. You have to really connect with people and support them as well, that’s how you get a good following and make friends. It’s so easy to get caught up in how many viewers or followers you have and feel discouraged when that number is low. But, what matters is that you’re doing what you enjoy and just pushing through despite the numbers! Also, get yourself on social media! Because that’s how people are going to find you! Most of our followers are from people seeing my posts on Twitter.

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