Monster Hunter World’s Beautiful Grind

With many people having a lot of extra time on their hands these days, for various reasons, I've gotten asked quite regularly what I've been playing. I've played a few games over the last few months, including things like Final Fantasy VII: Remake. But there's one game that I've largely used as my answer. One game that I've played for nearly 250 hours since April. One game that I was certain I'd get bored of far before now... One game that just…

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Shantae and the Seven Sirens | Review A Hard Act to Follow The Shantae series is always a good time. I’ve played the last two games to completion, and intend to do the very same with this one. My only question for a new Shantae game is never if it will be good, but rather if it will be as good as the one preceding it. And Shantae, ½Genie Hero was one of the best 2D Explorative Platformers I’ve ever played. And the one before it, Shantae and…

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Ori & The Will of the Wisps | Review

The most beautiful game ever made There is something truly special about the Ori franchise. The developers, Moon Studios, absolutely nailed this incredible feeling of being so tiny, and achieving such dramatically huge things, yet also focusing so deeply on a captivating yet simple storyline, which was…

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