The Tower of Beatrice | Review

The Tower of Beatrice | Review

On July 31st, The Tower of Beatrice will release on consoles for the first time. We were able to get our hands on a review copy prior to launch and want to give you our impressions of the game a little early. I’ll run through the story briefly to avoid spoilers, go over the main features, review the achievements, and give you my overall thoughts. So let us begin with the story. 


Working on a contract for a mysterious client, you’ll need to infiltrate the tower of the powerful sorcerer Beatrice, steal her Book of Recipes, and get out alive. Along the way, you will enter a demon’s dreams to discover his most intimate desires, accept a gift from a Granny-spider, start the Clock Tower, feed a snail, make a tea for a demon, piece together a skeleton, and finally fix your own fatal failing.


– Six floors – each with its own atmosphere and mood
– Surprising and charming residents – demons of Fire, Frost and Dream, Iron Maiden, Hungry Chest, and many others
– Alchemy! Discover many interesting recipes!
– Unique puzzles ranging from simple to brain-bending
– Atmospheric and immersive soundtrack
– Many allusions to famous games, movies, and books – spot them all!


Bedroom: Get out of the first room | 75

The book of Beatrice: Steal the Book! | 75

Clock Room: Get out of the second room | 75

Art Room: Get out of the third room | 75

Witchcraft Room: Get out of the fourth room | 75

Torture Room: Get out of the fifth room | 75

Entrance Room: Get out of the sixth room | 75 

Skeleton: Bring him to life | 75

Day/Night: Turn the day into night | 75

Drinking tea with demon: With raspberry leaf | 75

Om-nom-nom: Feed the crest | 75

Exit: Open the door! Second time | 75

Vae victis: Defeat him | 75

What I thought

First thing first. Full disclosure. This game is F&(%!N@ hard. I am not kidding. If it was not for YouTube, I don’t think I could have finished the review. Oh, and my wife. She loves these Point-and-Click games and she is not only the good looking one but also the smart one.
The game starts you off real easy on the first level with obvious solutions. Then Beatrice goes full B!t(h mode one you. The gameplay is simple as it sticks with the control schemes used by most Point-and-Click titles. The stand out is the crazy insane puzzles and some of the humor thrown in is kind of funny. 
If you like the old style Point-and-Click games that were all the rage on PC’s a while back, then this is the game for you. I think its coming in just under $7. But, If you don’t like games that are very hard in puzzles and the Point-and-Click games you might want to stay away.

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