Video Game Revisits | Megaman 11 Favorites

Video Game Revisits | Megaman 11 Favorites

I’ve loved and replayed Mega Man 11 several times, the first time was actually on Superhero. And I was so pleased I started over on Normal and cleared it again in just one sitting. I can wholeheartedly recommend it if you enjoy Action Games, and most of the Internet will tell you the same thing. 

So, as a review would feel superfluous, these are My Favorite aspects and Favorite bosses from Mega Man 11

Block Man's Ancient Fantasy

Block Man‘s stage is usually the first anybody selects. And so his level has been spoken of often by reviewers. But I rarely see them talk about Block Man himself! In the Lore of the game, Block Man loves Archaeology and often fantasizes about a fictional ancient culture he dreamed up himself. When he was reprogrammed by Wily, he went ahead and built his dream world. Look at every corner of his level and you’ll see bits of Egyptian and Hieroglyphic inspired imagery everywhere!

Himself posed as a Pharaoh or God-King, you'll see images of him looking back at you from Pyramids and Murals, with an especially detailed Mural depicting an apparent "Prophecy" of his victory over Mega Man, appropriately located in his Boss Room.

Weaknesses for All!

I smiled like a fool when I first realized this. I usually go for Acid after Block, as he’s next in the Boss weakness chain. And in tackling Acid‘s level, I soon realized the Block Dropper will instantly defeat the pippetto enemies in Acid‘s stage!

This is when I realized firsthand that MM11’s weapons really were tailored nicely to fit specific situations within the Game play and Level Design.

A Playable Cartoon?

Mega Man games especially rely on a generally Cartoon inspired aesthetic for their Character Designs.

Mega Man 11 is no different, and so every enemy in the game serves equally as Obstacle and as Supporting Character to that level‘s Narrative. Each Level is essentially an episode of a serialized Cartoon, Chronicling Mega Man‘s steady Journey from Level Introduction to Level Triumph. This holds true across the series but has been an especially strong theme throughout this experience.

The Consumables

Items are always good to have, but this game seems better about these than any other in the series. I’m looking at the Eddie and Beat Calls especially, as well as the Spike Guard. I’m always happy when Mega Man games incorporate their supporting cast in a more active role. My chief complaint about this game is the lack of a playable Roll, but they make up for it by having Beat able to save you from falling into a pit and the ability to call Eddie for a random resupply in the field. Watching Eddie hand me items always have me anxiously waiting and praying for the right stuff. It’s simple but a brilliant supplement to great game play.

Dr Wily, I finally get it.

People have already praised Mega Man 11 for contributing to the backstory of Light and Wily, but to me, there is a nuance it reveals that stands out

Light is, within a certain light, a hypocrite. 

For all the world Light looks like a Pacifist, but that is only because he already has the benefit of a warrior fighting for him. He rejected Wily’s Double Gear plan before, saying the Strain was too great on Robotic Systems. 

But when Mega Man asks to have the system installedLight barely protests. Wily had improved his arsenal, and so we see Light improve his own to better retaliate. And at his core, Wily seems to want a Contest with Light more than anything. Look at the extremes he has gone to. Yet Light has never said, “Let’s compete then.” He‘s never offered Wily the alternative, the challenge, that it seems Wily has routinely all but begged for.

I can see Wily’s frustration with him; Light isn’t above the Rivalry but rather has been an Active Participant all along. Granted he isn’t malicious or spiteful, but finally, I understand where Wily is coming from in this game. Wily even manages to perfect the Double Gear system by the ends, circumventing Light’s criticism of the strain it places on Robots. 

Extra Modes

actually really love the extras in this game. The fact you can refight bosses for practice any time or speedrun their levels, it adds lot. Especially considering the obvious love and attention paid towards the level designs in this game, it leaves you with a really great set of challenges for players that have beaten the main Normal game mode. 

Next is my top 3 MM11 Robot Masters!

3. Acid Man. Im a neurotic guy, and I get deeply invested in things and it can get on the nerves of folk. Acid Man feels relatable to me on a personal level because he delights so in what he does while not really knowing what to do with people. His coworkers call him the Chemical Merman behind his back due to his literally diving into his work to check the composition of mixtures, and I can’t help but love the Mad Scientist Robot.

2. Block Man. Did you see how I raved about his level and the Pseudo Archeology theming? He was always going to be high ranking. Plus he has a really cool fight with that giant form he takes on.

1. Bounce Man. If you know me, you’ll know that I am just a big child. Bounce Man beat out the rest by a mile, simply by being the goofiest and fanciful of the bounce.

His stage‘s Mid Boss battle is against the Frog Balloon, and I think this thing is my new favorite thing in the entire Mega Man series.

I rest my case.

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