Xbox  Game Pass Review

Xbox Game Pass Review

Are you looking for a new way to have a huge amount of gaming content at your fingertips, for one low monthly price? Well, then we got news for you. Xbox Game Pass is, in our opinion, the best game service on the market. With over a hundred games in its library, and new ones added monthly, you will have thousands of hours of gameplay and enough achievements to make your gamerscore sore above all your friends. You will find classics from previous generation systems up to new releases. That is right, new releases. 

Microsoft releases all of their console exclusive games to Game Pass on the same day as general release. So games like Sea of Thieves, State of Decay 2 and Crackdown 3 are available to you with your included subscription to Game Pass. This is amazing because it can give you a chance to play the big hyped new games without having to shell out sixty dollars and be completely unsatisfied with the game that you thought would be amazing. So yes…this service can help you from getting 76’d [76’d is a term used to describe the act of buying a much hyped and over promised game at release that falls horribly short of its promises, ie Fallout 76].  Microsoft has announced that future releases like the next Gears of War,  Forza, and the new Halo will release at the same time on Game Pass as normal retail.

As mentioned prior, new games are added constantly. Just today Xbox revealed the line up of new games for the last part of February. Members can enjoy getting to play:

That is 104.95 US worth of video games added in less than a ten-day span. Plus the fact that earlier this month Microsoft added the new release of Crackdown 3, Pumped BMX Pro, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season, and de Blob. Now let’s talk the price you pay. Right now at the time of this writing, if you buy 1 month of Game Pass for $2 and you’ll automatically get another month for free. Then it charges a 9.99 fee monthly.

Xbox Game Pass companian app makes managing your games even easier.

Another feature that I love is that they have an app for that. I know it sounds silly and trivial but has been an amazing feature. While I am out doing dad stuff I can open the app and see what games have been added or maybe find something I have not played before that just might get my attention. Once I find it I can click the download to my Xbox and the magic starts. That is right, the service is not a traditional streaming service. You will be able to play all your games without having to ensure a good connection with single player games. Now, some see this as a downside do to data management. I simply suggest just keep loaded what you are playing or do what most of us have already done, get an external hard drive. Make it a SATA if you are feeling saucy. By having my Xbox linked I can have the download start so that it is finished before I am ready to play that night after the kids go to sleep. Any gaming parent can tell you how precious those few hours of gaming time is once the little ones go to sleep, so I do not want to waste those hours with downloads. If you are into the Xbox Live Quest, you will be happy to know that the system will be brought over to mobile in the nest release for the app. It is available in the Google Play Store and for Apple for free.

In conclusion, I have to say that I highly recommend this service. For only 9.99 a month I do not think that it can be beaten. You get Xbox classics along with brand new releases. Microsoft even throughs in Xbox One X Enhanced games in there for you. Like Shadow of the Tomb Raider, which I am playing right now and plan on doing a review on. Actually, I think I will do a series of reviews on games from Xbox Game Pass. So let me know in the comments if there is a game from Game Pass that you want to be reviewed or maybe even do a live stream on one of the streaming sights or maybe even here on this site. 

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